Tuesday , June 15 2021

Will Smith Shocked With A Vision In The Movie "Aladdin" (VIDEO / PHOTOS) – Blitz

On the eve of the Grammy Music Awards from Disney, they released a short video of the upcoming remake of the cult classic Aladdin, Darik reported.

In the new clip, we finally get to see one of the most iconic characters in the animation – the sympathetic spirit of the lamp, in whose image the favorite of the spectators Will Smith.

Actor 's first shots in the role of Ginny however, were not welcomed by all, and many mocked the way it looked Smith, namely its blue color.

"Will Smith as Ginny will pursue me in my nightmares","The new trailer is super, until Will Smith appears as Ginny. God, it looks terrible"Wrote disappointed filmmakers.

Others, however, liked the star of "Bad Boys"In his new role:"Will Smith as Ginny – awesome","Will Smith is cool, just like Ginny".

In the one-minute video we see the other main characters of the cult animation – Aladdin, the monkey Abu, Evil Jafar, parrot Yago and beautiful princess Jasmine.

Directed by "AladdinIt is Guy Richie, and the screenplay was done by a large team of professionals, including John August and Ron Clements.

The cast of the film shoulders both new and well-known actors. The role of Aladdin is entrusted to the young talent Mina Masud, Naomi Scott takes on the role of Princess Jasmine, a Marwan Kenzari will embody the image of the evil Jafar. The biggest surprise was the incredibly sympathetic spirit of the lamp in whose image the favorite of the viewer Will Smith.

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