Sunday , August 1 2021

Women with short leather skirts have brought new problems to Bashar Rahal! Alma Mater raised his eyes and … – BLISTER

Teacher from St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia will submit an open letter to the department office to request the resignation of Television Director Alma Mater Bashar Rahal. This pressure was addressed to the Chancellor Prof. Atanas Gerdjikov and members of the General Assembly.

It came a few days after the TV team, led by actors, apologized for the "bad taste" that the director was studying a student, and the only target of the journalists was to seek glory, write "Monitor"

This is what the lecturer said:

We, the signed scientists and professors at Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski," we expressed our acute anger at the video "Becoming Famous" at Alma Mater University Television. And as a concept, and as a show, this clip – without doubt – damages the human dignity of women, bringing them to lower sexual objects. This is in direct contradiction with the values ​​behind our academic community traditionally. These values ​​require equal respect for the dignity of everyone. That is why they exclude the humiliation of women and put them in subordinate positions. We urge the immediate resignation of the television director and video director Bashar Rahal, as well as the Managing and Programming Council, whose responses are inadequate and inadequate to threaten the reputation of Sofia University.

We urge the Chancellor Professor Anastas Gerdjikov to demand the resignation of Mr Rahal as the television director and all those responsible for the scandal. Formal apologies from Managing and Programming Board of Alma Mater are not enough in this situation. As a leading higher education institution in our country, Sofia University is unable to stand behind such production. We believe that the call of academic institutions is to identify and criticize illegitimate forms of obedience, damage human dignity, rather than encourage them.

Scandalous clips raise other fundamental questions – the lack of a working mechanism that prevents the publication and dissemination of media material with similar content on behalf of Sofia University. No information was officially announced regarding concepts and strategies for television development. There is no information about the composition, responsibilities and principles of selecting program members and public councils. That is why we insist on clear procedures for recruitment on TV students as well as for the full transparency of their funding.

In the current conditions, the academic community can only learn through informal channels that the students' TV concepts have been changed, and the academic community will develop as a commercial media. If this is true, it raises a series of legitimate questions. Therefore, we insist that contracts with external producers and the concept of university TV development are presented and discussed openly in the academic community. This scandal gives us the opportunity to ask questions – is the lack of transparency in decision making and public accountability in funding limited to Television Universities or other units at the University of Sofia and the implementation of projects with significant funding on European programs and others?

Media publications link funding that will come to Alma Mater with Project BG05M2OP001-1,001-0001 "Heritage BG" (totaling almost BGN 30 million). The academic community and the Bulgarian community have the right to know how public money is spent. The risk of images for Sofia University is too large to allow new scandals. That is why we demand full and timely accountability in carrying out these activities and all other projects, including the Alma Mater section.

In short, we propose to the General Assembly of the University of Sofia to accept:
The OS requires the Chancellor to terminate the contract with Mr. Bashar Rahal as Director Alma Mater and to release the Management Board and Television Program.

GA requires the AU to develop clear procedures for unit head elections to Sofia University, including competitive selection procedures for a director, and clear procedures for nominating and selecting management and other Alma Mater control bodies.

GA requests more transparency and accountability in real time in implementing image risk projects for SU and forces the AU to request every 3 months full performance reports (activities and financial parameters) of all projects financed by public funds to be issued within the deadline the same on the page in Sofia University.

GA emphasizes access and discussion in the academic community from Alma Mater's concepts and strategies for development, as well as all related agreements and the division of roles and responsibilities between Sofia University, private investors and external producers and at present or future television directors.

The good name and future of the oldest and most respected university in Bulgaria – Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" – requires decisive action to protect the value behind our academic community. Equality and dignity stand above all attempts that are misunderstood to gain popularity, and all aspirations for profit.


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