Saturday , June 19 2021

Worth walking to the Rila Monastery PHOTOS

The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov delighted his fans by sharing pictures from the Rila Monastery in his Facebook account.

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The cadres show that Grisos is with his family, his manager Georgi Stoimenov and his wife, Katerina Maleeva.

"Bulgaria is full of so much history and beauty and I want to see everything," said Heskland. And he asked who was his next destination. His fans immediately began to advise him – to visit also the Rhodope Mountains, Trigrad, Melnik, the Baste Tomb in Strandja, Etara, the Cross Forest.

"If you want to come home, drink one drink, watch a game and if you do not forget to come to us, take a bigger sour cabbage that is mine." Being in front of my block, knocking on you the key that my elevator has a chip, "invited him.

The Bulgarian has a shoulder injury that will prevent him from taking part in the Rotterdam race, where he ended up finishing last year. This also means a loss of points from his asset.

Gryso will still return to the court at the end of the month when the Acapulco tournament is.

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