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10 comic books to read after "Elseworlds"

Everything we planned to say about Elseworlds, Arrowverse's last crossover event, of course, has blurred the revelation that the next year's crossover will be the adaptation of the most ambitious crossover in comic book history, A crisis of endless land,

Instead of focusing only on some of Elseworld's best stories, we wanted to change the list a little to get more cosmic, more real, and to prepare random fans to try the madness that will come.

So … considering that this is a list that is halfway to your preparation for what's coming and half-thinking about the true history and events of Elseworlds, what should you read if you really liked the crossover?

Well, yes, we have a few ideas.

skating rink 5 of 10League of Justice America: the hand of destiny
destys hand
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"Elseworlds" is the name of the print from 1989 to 2010, in which familiar characters and concepts from the DC Universe will be imported in strange and unknown circumstances. The first of Elseworlds' titles was Gotham of Galerwho is engaged in Batman Hunt Jack Ripper in Victorian Gotham. The end was Superman: The Last Family of Krypton, which focuses on an alternative schedule in which Jor-El and Lara managed to join their son on a journey to Earth, and the world had to deal with a super feeder family.

The brand itself is just a great way to say "imaginary stories" as DC used to their non-canons in history,A crisis of endless land times – but even within the basic continuity, you will sometimes get a reef of the established DC Universe. Often such stories would change reality for a short time or at least persuade the heroes that they live in a different universe than the readers knew.

One such story, The Hand of Destiny, focuses on the return of Dr. Sodry, a villain (John Dee, featured on television as John Deegan), who can reformulate reality by using a stone called "Matteroptikon" or "Dreamstone" , using dreams or memories.

In The Hand of Destiny, he creates a dark and violent version of the Justice League, which includes a black suit for Flash.

The story was popular enough to get consistency JLA: Classified years later. You can get it in the trade soft cover as part of Superman and the Justice League, vol. 2 collection by Dan Durgers, Rick Burcht and Dave Kokrum.

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