Tuesday , August 3 2021

14.9-inch iPad? The idea isn't as crazy as it sounds …

Even before the new 12.9-inch iPad went on sale, there was talk of a bigger iPad. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith make the case for the iPad Pro 14.9 inches, noting that this will allow two decent sized Safari tabs to open side by side with the third application open too.

And while some people might think it's a crazy idea – where will it end? – poll from 9to5Mac readers point out that around 40% of you like the idea of ​​an iPad that is larger than the 12.9-inch model that is there …


One fairly common suggestion is to have an iPad with the same external dimensions as the original 12.9-inch model, using a smaller bezel to increase screen size. But others support the idea of ​​a 14.9-inch iPad. Indeed, in our poll, around 13% of you will still be bigger.

Some people have ridiculed the idea, but after using my own 12.9-inch model for a week, I don't really think it's crazy as it sounds.

Yes, the old 12.9-inch model, for me, is too big for mobile devices. That is not something I want to bring with me regularly, and it remains true. This new model, I think, is about the limits of something I want to do casually every day.

But while the iPad was originally sold as a mobile device, many iPads never left home. It's mine, but I still use it widely at home – even more than that since upgrading to a bigger screen.

As a home appliance, I think there is a wider scope. All the benefits I mentioned earlier will apply, only more than that, to larger devices.

Videos are very good in this size, and the speakers are amazingly strong. The magazine feels like you're looking at a full-size page in portrait mode. The ebook allows you to see significantly more text on the screen, thus turning pages less. For the website, I switch to portrait mode because the page width doesn't feel cramped and you can see more at once. I'm not a gamer, but I just launched XPlane, and it's clear that the game also feels more immersive on this size screen.

You can argue that, for 9to5Mac readers at least, what's the point? If we want a bigger screen, most of us have a Mac. But for me, there are very different nuances for both. Mac feels especially like a work device, while iPad feels especially like an entertainment device. The iPad feels more relaxed for casual use at night.

How big can we go? For me, there is no reason not to go as big as a laptop. The 14.9-inch iPad seems reasonable.

Meanwhile, back at me 12.9 inches, I think there is only one new thing to report. My partner, who stated that it was & # 39; big & # 39; the first time he saw it, and rather rolled his eyes at the purchase, now also liked it. He uses it overnight to watch TV shows and really values ​​their size. Steph doesn't have my gung-ho attitude to buy a new gadget, but I think the seeds have been planted …

For my part, I am 100% clear that I look after it, and like it the same as I did on the first day.

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