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20 things that all are wrong about fast and furious movies

Fast and furious is one of the most exciting film franchises. Besides having special fans, a few Class A Hollywood stars as well as the powerful boxes that other franchises only dream, fans sometimes forget that it started as a cover-up police film investigating street racing. Since then, it has grown from a genre into a genre, trying to create a certain identity, becoming one of the boldest series of cinema and dealing with everything from the car coming out of the plane to the underwater pursuit of ice.

With all the strangeness that the series has endured, it is understandable that fans, old and new, tend to accumulate some facts about the show. Whether it's over-stressing cascades, interlaced deadlines (which are not so complicated but will come back to them) or the future of the franchise as a whole, no one can blame fans for having questions about Fast and furious movies. That is why we are here to set the record straight or, in the case of franchise, to set the series on a straight and narrow path to some of the most common misconceptions of fans about the world's largest racing franchise, including the return of some MIA heroes, the other efforts of the film and, even though we do not want to think about it, the possible end of the series.

So the lock, because this trip just might get a bit rough (crashing through the skyscrapers will do that on a car), and enjoy the 20 things that all are wrong about fast and furious movies,

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20 Franchise got its name from another movie

In 1955, legendary producer Roger Corman released a film starring Oscar-nominated actor John Ireland (who directed the film) and Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone to drive a trucker to the truck after a false charge. Later, he takes a Jaguar sports car to a woman and pulls away with her, both falling in love as the movie progresses. The name of the movie? Fast and furious,

While the 1955 film played quite differently from the 2001 film, Corman had a hand in both projects as it had to license the title to be used in Universal's latest flash. For a sly nod to the original movie, perhaps the series could show young Dominic that he borrowed Leet's car while running away from the police.

19 Life is lost due to an accident

Sadly, movie accidents are a recurring trend in the film industry, with some of them even leading to the loss of voter life and crew members. While last year The Fate of Fury not seeing any mortally injured person, the same can not be said of a horse named Jupiter.

While the crew filmed on Iceland, a piece of artificial iceberg was caught by strong winds and was thrown into a nearby enclosure where Jupiter and at least one other horse were kept. The leg of Jupiter is laid and the horse has to be removed. Another horse is injured but not so heavy. According to TMZ, the insurance is able to cover the cost of the horse and the broken fence.

18 Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are not always bogged down in the series

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel have always been the two main stars of the Fast and furious franchise, but that does not mean they have always been in harmony with it.

Said Paul Walker Los Angeles Times that he did not show up in 2006 Fast and Furious: Tokyo due to "politics, studio stuff, [and] a decision on the regime. "As for Diesel, he refused to return for 2003 Fast and furious 2 (although at least $ 20 million have been proposed) due to dislike of the scenario and a desire to focus on 2004 The Chronicles of RiddickIn fact, the only reason he came Tokyo drift was to win the rights Ridik and the hero. Fortunately for the fans, Diesel returned to the franchise in 2009 Fast and furious, and convinced Walker to join him for a ride.

17 Several big strikes were real

Things that hold in the minds of most viewers for Fast and furious movies are his wild stunts, most of which probably make us think, "There is no way this is real."

But fans would be surprised to know how many of them are real. The Telegraph revealed that a camaro-yacht jump in Fast and furious 2, the tanker robbery in Fast and furious, and the multi-skyscraper jumped Furious 7 contains a dangerous degree of realism. Even one of the most memorable cascades of the franchise, the car falls Furious 7, is authentic, according to film co-ordinators. The scene consisted of two separate frames, the first consisting of falling airplanes flying over the Arizona desert, and the other racing cars a few paces above the ground before sliding safely downwards. Is not the magic of the film glorious?

16 Luc Hobbes was not always excited about the rock

After the debut of Duane "Rock" Johnson as a diplomatic security service in Luc Hobb in Fast Five, he has ascended to be one of the most beloved heroes of the franchise. However, an actor with a totally different caliber originally wanted the role: Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones.

In a video on Facebook that Vin Diesel appeared to thank his fans for their support in his career, he revealed that the decision to exchange Jones for Johnson was all because of a fan's desire. "There was a girl named Jen Kelly who said," I'd like to see [you and Johnson] to work together, "he said.While Johnson excelled as Luca Hobbes, one must wonder how different it would be Hobbes if Jones brought his role as an authoritative actor.

15 The franchise crew is connected to real street racers

Although street racing is a major part of and inspiration behind Fast and furious franchise, fans have to remember that action is usually forbidden. This, however, does not prevent director Rob Cohen from bringing real street racers to the set of the first film.

In fact, Cohen has included over 200 contestants to help with the racing scenes of the film, which ensures a more authentic look at the races. Unfortunately, this has proved to be a little bit authentic to viewers as the number of real street racing has increased due to the popularity of the film (let's hope that no one has tried to duplicate the movie's final). Remember: it may look great in the movie, but it does not do well.

14 Lucas Black is expected to return

While Fast and Furious: Tokyo was seen by many as the black sheep of the movie series, still has its fans thanks to the spectacular driving and scene of Lucas Black as Sean Boswell.

in Furious 7, Black made a surprising cam to help restore the time series, but more on that later. Since then, most fans have probably assumed that this is the last one they will ever see for Boswell. However, in an interview with Toronto Sun, serial writer Chris Morgan said he had "hero plans" and that fans "did not see the last of him". Black & White IMDb page also lists him as rumored actor in 2020 Fast And Furious,

13 Some actors did not even have licenses for the driver

One would think that everyone involved in a movie series, centered around cars, will know how to drive. Surprisingly, however, this was not the case Fast and furious, Series leading Michelle Rodriguez and Jordan Brewster did not have a driver's license when they were thrown in 2001 Fast and furious, so each of them had to take a driving test. "There was a clock," Brewster said VH1, "If I did not get my license, I would not be able to insure myself for the movie."

The next film continued with licensing issues as the actress Devon Aoki (who depicts Suki) also had no license, according to TeenHollywood.comFortunately, all the actresses are well trained and have since continued to tear the roads (at least on the big screen).

12 The series is derived from some of the biggest Buzz awards

While Fast and furious franchise won several awards and nominations for MTV Movie, Teen Choice and Saturn, some fans think the series deserves higher critical acclaim. Vin Diesel is even maintained Furious 7 for best movie in the Oscars category.

Unfortunately, the best film organizations like the Oscar and BAFTA prizes prefer to keep their distance from the franchise. Fast five was nominated for the film Critics Award for Best Motion Picture Action (though ironically losing him road), both fast and furious 6 and furious 7 received a SAG nomination for excellent performance from the cascade ensemble in a film. The hit single "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Putt even won Furious 7 Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song. While the song did not win, she won the Critics' Choice Award.

11 Fast Five was not the first big franchise success

Best of all, Fast and furious the franchise has proved to be quite a cash broker these days, especially since his latest two films have accrued more than $ 1 billion. Many fans point out Fast five as the first real hit in the series, which is the seventh most expensive film for 2011, thanks to its gross amount of 626 million dollars, according to The office of,

The series, however, actually makes a bank from the beginning. Fast and furious approximately $ 207 million in a budget of $ 38 million, and although the sequel had a twice as big budget, it made almost $ 30 million more than its predecessor. Yes, Tokyo drift was perceived as rather disappointing in general, but Fast and furious surprise everyone by earning $ 363 million. What can you expect from the eighth movie series with the highest winnings of all time.

10 The actors do not always go away

The family is an important topic in Fast and furious franchise, but the actors behind the main family of the series were not always so close in real life.

While filming on The Fate of Fury, Dwayne Johnson took to the social media to call out some of his male stars. Although it was not clear who is referring to, many see the offense as a direct hit by leading Vin Diesel. Although the situation has been distracting for some time, The Rock later revealed that he has not shot a scene with the actor. This, along with the torture of Tirez Gibson, expressing his dislike of Johnson's solo film, supplemented the fans of speculation on The Magic Rock with some of the votes. While the feud cooled recently, Johnson's recent commentary on his hostility to Gibson, which is "one-sided," may be the next game to ignite this thrown brush.

9 Some movies were scheduled to be shot back

While it makes sense to film franchise films individually in order to bring together the story of each product, filming backwards is not always a bad idea. This makes them faster, they can save money in the long run and tell an even bigger story by splitting it apart. Even if Fast and furious a franchise that has several films standing alone, almost had two films shot at the back.

According to Los Angeles TimesUniversal Pictures thought about what would happen fast and furious 6 and Furious 7 back to back, with director Justin Lyn at the head of the two. While "back-to-back" production did not happen, the films had a shared story, as removing Heck from Decard Shaw in the sixth film would have led to the next film.

8 Franchise is more than movies

die Hard Fast and furious fans may already be aware of the numerous video games and theme parks in the series, but some have not yet heard the news of the last two franchise efforts.

Fast and furious live is a stunt show that takes place worldwide in January and places viewers in the midst of the movies as "the most exciting cascades of the films that perform live in an epic performance in the arena." produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, as well as long-time franchise makers Vin Diesel, Chris Morgan and Neal H. Moritz. The series will follow Dom's cousin, Tony, a teenager who joins his friends by penetrating the "elite racing league that serves as a front for a criminal organization that bends to world domination." Who knows what the next franchise will do?

7 The race is still part of the series

Although Fast and furious the series began as a street racing franchise, evolving from then on to focus less on driving and more on terrorist and spy topics (much later). However, the series has not forgotten its roots, as seen in recent films.

At the end of Fast five, Brian Challenges a Home of a Tropical Beach Competition to See Who's the Best Driver fast and furious 6, amnesia Letia has been challenged by the Home of the Competition in London. However, this is perhaps The Fate of Fury who has the greatest feedback with the original films, as he opens with a rabbit rabbit in Havana to help his cousin.

6 Spin-offs are being discussed for A until now

After popularizing the team of Luc Hobs (Dwayne Johnson) and DeCard Shaw (Jason Statham) The Fate of Fury, a film centered around the two, was announced in 2019. While many fans say it is the first step in the series that branched into the territory of many industries, other films are being discussed at least two years before Hobbes and Shaw was announced.

In 2015 Vin Diesel talks to him diversity for "characters for different characters" that have already been written, and that ideas for spin have been played with "for a long time". "We are certainly in talks about how we can expand the franchise now," added Universal Pictures Chairman Dona Langley. "This is an acting ensemble and there is room for introducing and exporting characters." Perhaps Helen Mirren could use this opportunity to expand his role from the eighth film?

5 The chronological order of the franchise is not complicated

Some franchises have complex times, but it's not one. While the first two films are held chronologically (at least for now), fans watching movies in the order they were released may be confusing when Khan dies in Fast and Furious: Tokyo, again appears alive and well in Fast fiveBut the answer is simple.

The fourth, fifth and sixth films are then held Fast and furious 2, except fast and furious 6of the average credit scenery. This is the complete version of Khan's death, which means Tokyo drift is held after fast and furious 6, Furious 7 then takes over after Khan's passing, but also shows the time of Tokyo Home as seen in Tokyo drift, After finishing Furious 7, the franchise must be smooth in terms of history, or again, maybe only for now.

4 The actors are sometimes preserved in the dark for some details of the plot

Although actors sometimes stick very closely to the production of their films, it does not mean they know everything that will happen in the movies.

While Michelle Rodriguez realized that the death of her character was falling apart Fast and furious she was not necessarily constant, she did not expect to see Letti's mention at the end of Fast five since she was not called to shoot scenes. "I could not figure out until I went to the theater and did not see it myself," she told Yahoo! cinema, Jordan Brewster also revealed VH1 that she "did not know that there would be a twist" at the end of Fast & Amp; Rage 6, Sounds like actors to enjoy their films, as most fans do: never knows what will happen later.

3 Franchise is not just for car lovers

When Fast and furious was released in 2001, one would not be confused if he says the audience that will soon be a franchise will consist mainly of car enthusiasts because of the film's focus on attacking cars and racing. Fortunately, former Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson and former co-chairman (now chairman) Dona Langley saw the potential of the series and strived to go beyond the "ceiling" set by the first few films to attract larger crowds.

"We wanted to see if we could lift it from the race and make the ability to drive the car just part of the movie, and these great pursuits in The French Connection, The identity of Bourne, [and] Italian work, Said Foggleson, Because of this, Fast five is seen as the turning point of franchise for action-based movies, and many fans can not be happier.

2 Brian O'Connor can come back

Paul Walker's move in 2013 had a great impact on him Fast and furious fans, crew and the franchise itself. Then Furious 7 had to be reworked, Walker's brothers, Cody and Aaleb, served as Paul's aides to help finish the film. And although Brian O'Connor had a beautiful posting, Walker's absence is still felt by many.

Nevertheless, Walker's brothers have since said that O'Connor can still come back, though for the camouflage, to "really let their fans know that he is still there." "I had a phone call with Vin for about an hour, and we really talked about that for a while," Caleb told ET, Докато някои фенове могат да сметнат това за ненужно, Cody гарантира, че Universal Pictures ще го направи само по начин, който "уважава Павел и неговия имидж и семейството му."

1 Крайната серия е планирана

Докато много фенове биха се радвали да видят приключенията на Доминик Торето и неговото бързо задвижващо, световно спестяващо семейство, продължават да идват години напред, краят на поредицата може да е по-близо, отколкото си мислят.

Говорейки с ускорител, продуцентът Неал Х. Мориц разкри, че "ние имаме крайната точка на франчайза, но все още не сме запознати". През 2016 г. Вин Дизел заяви на своя Instagram, че поредицата "10-та вноска ( който понастоящем ще бъде пуснат през 2021 г., и 20-годишнината на франчайз) ще бъде последният филм. Макар че това все пак може да бъде последната част от основната история, серията "наскоро обявената spin-off (и тези, планирани от Universal Pictures) може да запази франчайзинг за идните години.

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