Sunday , May 16 2021

30-year-old man arrested after suspicious fires at Camosun Interurban and PISE

Photo showing Saanich firefighters who fight against the small fire in PISE Photo: Dan Wood)
Photo showing Saanich's crews struggling with the small fire at PISE (Photo: Dan Wood)

A 30-year-old man from Victoria was arrested and could face charges when he believed he had caused fires at Camposun University and at the Pacific Sports Sports Institute early in the morning.

Fire Department "Saaniq" says they reacted to the PISE building after the general activation of the alarms at 2:20 am when they arrived, found a broken glass door and two small fires. They managed to repay them quickly using a sprinkler system.

About 15 minutes later, a compulsive and fire alarm device was triggered at the nearby Camusun College Interurban Campus in the Center for Business and Access. Saanic's officers were summoned to the scene and searched the building before letting Saaniq fill the only small fire.

Officials say the man was detained after calling on a K9 unit.

Police recommend service charges for interruption and entry, arson, evil and theft. The man is still in custody.

All fires are being investigated. One of the FIRE fires was placed in the lobby of the newsletter and was about one square meter the other was in the weight room and was three square feet.

The fire in the building of the CBA was about one square meter and was subject to fire from ballots and posters.

As a result, there was water damage to PISE in specific areas and minimal damage to CBA.

"You never know what you will get in a big building," said Sanic Deputy Chief of Fire, Dan Wood.

"We often go to these buildings for false alarms … even though our crews are trained to be ready for anything."

According to Saanic police, more information about the incident could be released on Sunday.

As the sprinkler devices were activated in the specific zones where the alarms activated, there was no widespread water damage to the buildings.

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