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5 Things You Need to Know About December 10: Brexith, Hashoggi, White House, Nissan, Weather

Meet the doctor who treats sick children and provide support to the needy families in Peru. Last night he was proclaimed hero of the year at CNN. Here's what you need to know Take speed and exit the doors, (You can also get "5 things you need to know today" that are delivered to your inbox daily.

1. Brexit

The rapid mess just had a much faster pace. This morning, the European Union's High Court ruled that the UK could unilaterally stop the process of leaving the 28-nation bloc. British Prime Minister Theresa May says the government does not change the course, but the Breix deal, which it has negotiated with, is expected to be voted in parliament tomorrow. If that happens, there are simply not very good opportunities to find a new deal as the UK sees the deadline for leaving the EU on March 29th. It calls for a second referendum on Brexit, which some call "the vote of the people," is becoming stronger. Still confused? Then check Brexit's guide for non-British.

2. Jamal Khashoggi

– I can not breathe. These were the last words that journalist Jamal Husoggi said as a hit from Saudi Arabia killed him. This is according to a source who read a copy of the October murder audition, Nick Robertson of CNN said in extraordinary accountability. The source said it was clear that this was not an unsuccessful attempted kidnapping, as the Saudis have said, and the implementation of a preliminary plan to kill Khashoggi. The transcript also notes that the sounds of his body are dissected from a saw and his assailants are forced to listen to music to block the terrible noise.

3. The White House

President Trump searches for a new chief of staff after the person who is currently in the role – John Kelly – leaves at the end of the year. It was widely expected that Nick Ayers' rising star would take on the task. But Ayers, who serves as head of Mike Pence's headquarters, wants to move his young family back to their native Georgia. So now the president looks at four others who might be his chief, including Republican Republican Mark Meadow of North Carolina, chairman of the House of Freedom Chamber of Conservatives. The person who received the job may go into a nightmare, explains Steven Collinson of CNN.

4. Nissan

Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan president, was indicted today in Japan for a scandal about financial abuse, along with Nissan himself. Prosecutors in Tokyo accused Gon and Nissan of not counting their income for five years and probably longer. Goss's problems began last month when he was arrested in Tokyo. He was expelled from his position as chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. He is also temporarily at the helm of Renault.

5. Time

Power interruptions. Light roads. Canceled flights. That's what the people in the South are doing this morning after the record snowfall weekend. Roanow, Virginia, is covered with 11 inches of snow, the fourth highest snow in December in the history of the city. Hundreds of flights at Virginia and North Carolina airports were canceled over the weekend, but airlines must be able to resume their normal operations later today. However, power cuts remain. About 146,000 North Carolina customers were in the dark late Sunday evening, as well as 81,000 in Virginia, 58,000 in South Carolina and about 10,000 in Tennessee.

Quote of Today

– Worker is a contagious disease. You can not stop spreading if you put it in the office.

Principal co-founder and CEO Jason Fried, who does not want his staff to work more than 40 hours a week

Jason Fried


The woman's best friend

When the fire that had survived the devastating Kemp returned to the remains of his burnt houses, his loyal dog, Madison, waited for her.

This is the season

Kid Rock paid off the platforms for 350 families in Nashville Waltmart, after being inspired by such an act of festive generosity by director Tyler Perry.

So fresh, so clean

You do not have to travel to Tokyo to enjoy Japan's musical and water spraying toilets.

Miami miracle

Please check the New England Patriots phenomenon in your life. They are still shocked after Pats has entered the old hook and ladder against the Dolphins.


56 points

That's how bad it is that the Chicago Bulls was defeated by Boston Celtics over the weekend, the worst loss in franchise history.


Hearing Huawei

Hearing to determine whether Huawei Meng Wanzhou Chief Financial Officer will be released continues today in Vancouver.
huawei meng wanzhou director ecuativa arrest Canada live pkg michael holmes_00000809

Macron's speech

French President Emanuel Macron will address his nation today and hold talks with business and trade union leaders after the fourth weekend of protests in Paris.


Houston, we've got a problem

This man spends two months trying to teach a cat how to launch a rocket? I suppose everyone needs a hobby. (Click to see)

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