Saturday , May 8 2021

$ 7.5 million were found in a unit purchased from "Star Wars Wars"

from Shakil Mahjouri,

13 minutes ago

An incredibly happy person almost scored a $ 7.5 million return on investment of $ 500.

"Star Storage" star Dan Datson was recently informed of an almost impossible end to what he believed was a simple deal. Doctor was attracted to a woman at a charity event on November 1. This woman was a family friend with a man who bought a Dotson storage for $ 500.

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The inside of the device was safe. The Doomsday Door said that the safes in the repositories are usually empty. Not this. Dotson was informed that the safe contained $ 7.5 million in cash! "The first person they called to open the safe, I suppose, could not or could not," remembers Dotson in a video posted on Facebook on November 5th. "So they called a second person."

According to the woman, the new owner of the repository was immediately associated with a lawyer representing the original owners of the unit.

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His husband was offered $ 600,000 in exchange for money in the safe, but the bid quickly doubled to $ 1.2 million.

Eventually, the man agreed to return the $ 7.5 million in return for $ 1.2 million. Generally, the gentleman made $ 500 in nearly $ 1.5 million. Not bad for a business job.

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