Sunday , January 17 2021

A charge for a 1st degree murder charge placed in Sudbury's 20-year-old death

The Sudbury police say the 39-year-old North Bay, Ont., Was arrested and charged in connection with the death of Rene Sweeney 20 years ago.

On Tuesday, police argued that Robert Steven Wright, also known as Steven or Steve Wright, was detained and charged with a first-degree murder.

Police say detectives have identified Wright as an interesting person in early November. Earlier on Tuesday, a search warrant for a home in North Bay was issued, and the arrest was made.

In January 1998 Sweeney worked in an adult shop when she was stabbed 30 times. She dies from her wounds on stage.

The police say that during the crime, Wright lived in Sudbury and was an 18-year-old student at the Lockerbie School.

After Sweeney's death, according to the police, more than 2,000 councils came from the public.

"This terrifying event has rocked society at its core and is still a big part of our lives today," said Paul Pedersen, chief of police at Sudbury.

According to Sudbury police, Robert Steven Wright is an 18-year-old student at C Sudbury in 1998. He is charged with a first-degree murder. (Supply / Police in Sudbury)

He says that Renee's sister, Kim, has expressed different emotions after hearing the news from the police.

"At that time she asks everyone to respect privacy.

Wright must appear in court on Sudbury's appeal on Wednesday.

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