Thursday , June 17 2021

A father-two dies of cancer after "the doctor dismissed his symptoms as anxiety"

A father-in-two died of cancer after doctors told him that anxiety was the cause of his swallowing difficulty.

35-year-old Ryan Greenon had gone to his GP in September after trying to eat or drink.

His family says his doctor told him his problems were "probably caused by reflux," and that at his age he was "too young to be cancer."

35-year-old Ryan Greenon dies of cancer in December (Photo: Ryan Green / Facebook)

But Ryan's symptoms did not disappear, causing him to lose weight and eventually collapse.

After being hospitalized, he was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and told him that the disease had already spread to his lungs and liver.

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He died only three weeks later, three months after his first appointment with a doctor.

33-year-old Kerry Greenon said the brother had just taken his initial diagnosis of nominal value, because the general advice is that oesophageal cancer only really affected elderly people.

She told the Scotsman that she was "heartbreaking" because of the mistake and urged anyone with similar symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.

He had just been involved with Natasha Robertson, 35 (Photo: Ryan Zeleno / Facebook)

"If they were earlier, they could work, they could give him chemotherapy, but in three months it has spread, nothing else can do at this point," she said.

– I'm just completely destroyed. I am very angry. If they'd caught him earlier, my big brother would still be here today.

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Ryan, from Edinburgh, received a blood transfusion shortly after his cancer spread, but the treatment proved ineffective.

Then his health worsened rapidly and he fell from 12 to 10 stones for only two weeks before his death.

He had just signed up with his fiancé Natasha Robertson, 35, weeks ago.

His sister urges others to seek a second opinion if they are not happy with their doctors (Photo: Ryan Zeleno / Facebook)

Kerry said the JustGiving website has gathered nearly 800 pounds to help with the cost of his funeral, while additional money goes to his 11-8 year olds.

"For anyone worried about their health, I would say you do not take it lightly," she said.

And go and see if you are happy with what you have been told, and take a second opinion.

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