Thursday , January 21 2021

A fire in the barn kills 1,300 pigs in eastern Ontario

A massive fire consumes a swine barn in Quinte West, Ont., On Tuesday, killing at least 1300 animals.

Greek Chief John Whelan said they had received the call at about 1 am. and quickly urged the resources of neighboring communities to contribute to the battle. Quinte West is about 100 kilometers west of Kingston, Ont.

Whelan said firefighters have done everything they can to get them out of the way.

"We did everything we had, I had crews trying to get the pigs and piglets out," he said.

Firefighter Taylor Wardau saves a pig. (Sent by John Whelan)

Whelan said about 100 animals were rescued from the flame, but the structure became dangerous and he had to lead firefighters out of the way of harm and could not save more animals.

"It was hard to cope, we heard many animals weeping and crying," he said. "It's very tragic because many of us are fond of the animals."

He said there were 1400 to 1500 animals in the building. Fire seems to have been accidental, involving a short circuit. The Omario Fire Marshal was summoned to investigate because of the size of the fire. Damage is estimated at over $ 1 million, Whelan said.

He said that no one was injured, and he attributed to his firemen the blessings they had made and to prevent the spread of fire in the nearby buildings.

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