Sunday , January 24 2021

A man caught with a loaded gun while driving a stolen bicycle in St. Vital

Winnipeg faces a series of charges after the police say he was captured carrying a loaded gun while driving a stolen bicycle at St. Vital Friday.

Employees responded to a report on stolen bikes on the St. Mary's Road near the Saint Valentines Center around 6:30. when they noticed that a man driving a bicycle believed he had been stolen.

The police found a gun loaded with eight rounds of human caliber ammunition.

The engine was stolen from the nearby school in October, police said.

The Crime Unit continued to investigate and say that the same suspect is also responsible for the two women's raid in a home in Lord Roberts' area in November. Police say that the man has pointed a gun both to women and to a person during this incident

A 29-year-old man is faced with a long list of charges, including an assault with weapons, an assault carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a loaded weapon.

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