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A new Vancouver pool is not for the faint of heart

St. John Alexander, CTV News Vancouver

Posted August 15, 2019 7:01 PM PDT

Last Updated on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 7:12 PM PDT

Anyone who fears heights is likely to get rid of the tall new glass-bottomed pool in downtown Vancouver.

Considered to be the tallest such pool in the country, it hangs 200 feet above it and connects the two towers of condominium property.

Concord Pacific is behind the project and has told its architects to create something provocative.

"The client wanted something meaningful, something emblematic," said Mehran Parnyan of Francl Architecture.

Many downtown towers look alike, and the city encourages bold and dramatic designs.

"Even residents and buyers acknowledge that we are beginning to experience equality," says Peter Webb of Concord Pacific. He thinks big developers need to "step it up".

"We really need to express ourselves more architecturally," he said.

The idea for the pool came up for a meeting, Webb said, as a way to make the Arc unique and provide more convenience to buyers. Everyone was on board.

However, not everyone will take over. The sign shows that in some places the pool is five feet long, but appears to fall 20 floors below.

A thick acrylic sheet keeps the pool in place, and the builder says the floor can support 1650 cars.

But unfortunately, the pool party is only for The Arc owners and their friends and family.

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