Wednesday , January 20 2021

A Popular Graphic Designer Dying On Toronto Street

Jay Tropper (aka Jeffrey Parker), a popular 35-year-old graphic artist, was deadly stabbed in downtown Toronto on Thursday afternoon.

CTV reported: "Jeffrey Parker, also known as Jay Parker or Jay Tripper, was opened by the first respondents at a residence on" George, near the streets of Gerard and Jarvis, at about 4:10 am suffering from obvious trauma, he was in the hospital of St. Mikhail "in a life-threatening condition, but a few hours later he succumbed to his injuries Parker's friends said he was a graphic artist who worked mostly with the electronic music community He was described as good, sociable and outgoing – someone who will be on the way to help make friends easier. "

Toronto City News reports: "A 22-year-old man, Tyler Reynolds, is in a nearby fast-food restaurant suffering from minor injuries, arrested and charged with a second-degree murder, and must appear in court next week. claims that Parker and Reynolds were known to each other but did not specify the nature of their relationship.

The mentioned GoFundMe friends, created to help their partner move from the house they live in: "We are in horror, shock." Jay Tripper, actor Jeff Parker has left our cruel world without warning, without We want you to donate to help your partner Kevin cover the cost of getting out of the damn George house that has claimed two loved ones over the past year We need a company to clean, pack and push Kevin and Jess and to cover the cost of storage until the Jay has made an incredible art, to keep it.

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