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A study of the city shows that Calgary feel worse for the quality of life

The Calgary Rock was shot on April 1, 2019. At that time, the City Council discussed the transfer of some business taxes on property taxes. Gavin Young / Postmedia

Gavin Young / Postmedia

A new urban study shows that Calgary are worse for their city, with data showing diminished satisfaction with overall quality of life, livelihood and inclusion.

According to the Calgary Spring Spring Survey, 79 per cent of respondents feel "good" about the city's overall quality of life, ranging from 37 per cent living here, eight out of the 10 rankings to a 5 per cent ranking . to 10 out of 10.

But overall perceptions have fallen sharply since last fall when 86% of Calgary felt good about the overall quality of life. The spring 2019 rating is actually the lowest ranking in the past eight years when the overall quality of life ranking ranges between 82 and 88 percent.

Calgary's feelings about their ability to make a living and build their lives in the city also dropped significantly from previous years, with 75% of respondents agreeing that Calgary is a great place to live. But this figure is also a drop from previous years, ranging between 80 and 84% from 2015 onwards.

But the most significant decline is whether respondents believe that Calgary is a great livelihood, down to 57% this spring, compared to a range of 71 to 80% from 2015 onwards.

"Many of this can be directly related to the economy," said Duane Brother, a professor of political science and chair of the Department of Economics, Justice and Political Studies at Mount Royal University.

"When things are different, you can take a few years. But when it stays around four, five years, it creates just that common sense of malaise in everything. "

But mayor Naheed Nenshi said some of the results could be a response to the perception and reaction of the city's poor city council received in the spring of last year to increase taxes that some small business owners face a 100% increase in their municipal tax.

"If you continue to tell people how bad things are over and over again, they ultimately believe you," he said.

"But we there are 70 percent and more of the people who say that Calgary is a great place to live, and actually, since this research has been done, many indicators have changed, "Nancy said, explaining that the June job report was strong, the city is finally below the average unemployment rate for the province, and we see increased investment in central and suburban areas.

"That said, we still have to respond to the very real problems people have, which means looking at budget cuts in the middle of the year and how small businesses can be protected in particular."

As for the support of diversity, 60% of the Kalgars felt that the municipal government encouraged a city that included and accepted all. But it was still a big drop since last autumn when this figure reached 79%, not far from 79 to 81% since 2015.

Ipsos conducted the telephone survey with a random sample of 2,500 calcaretes aged 18 and over between May 13 and June 12, 2019, using both stationary and cellular samples.

The final data were weighed to ensure that the overall composition of the study reflects the adult population of Calgary, with a tolerable error plus minus 2.0 percentage points, 19 times the 20.

(with files from Meghan Potkins, Postmedia)

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