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A well-written letter and $ 25 could earn you a $ 1.7 million mansion

Alla Wagner from Alberta, Canada, is not waiting for a bid. Instead, it offers $ 1.7 million as a prize in the essay contest.

For an entry fee of $ 25 ($ 18.73 in US money) and a well-written letter, a lucky winner will get home. The competition began on Jan. 5, after Wagner's house spent several months on the market.

"Nothing moved, and I was really, really depressed on this issue … I had to go ahead," says Wagner, who is in his 50s.

Wagner lived in a nearly 5,000-square-meter home in rural Alberta, 45 minutes from Calgary, as it was built in 2011 and describes the Georgian mansion as its home of dreams. The custom-built residence has three bedrooms, three bathrooms with full bathrooms and two semi-bathrooms, in addition to a wine cellar, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and pond.

"I was planning to get old," Wagner says. "A house on a hill was my dream … this is the home of my dreams and every detail is built with my roots."

Alla Wagner said the health problems made her decide to sell

Where did she get the idea?

But last year Wagner faced health problems. She bought a new desk chair and she turned when she sat down on her. Wagner says she hurt her back so hard she can not get down the stairs. Her son moved to take care of her. Wagner did not want to compromise the character of the home with repairs to help with her disability so she decided to move.

Wagner says her daughter has begun her to do it, but she has received inspiration for the two-seat competition.

First, the 1996 film "The Spitfire Grill," in which heroes use a restaurant sale contest for the owner.

Second, the Historic Inn in Maine was sold with a similar concept in 2015. CNN reported that Center Lovell Inn offers the winner of 200 words essay keys for the property for an entry fee of $ 125. The competition works and the winner acquired the property and the building worth $ 905,000.

Wagner says the race is not a lottery. Each contestant should write why they deserve their home in any format – a poem, an essay, or some other form of prose. There must be at least 68,000 entries that must generate $ 1.7 million ($ 1.27 million) for entry fees.

Wagner will read all records and choose 500 to send to a group of neighbors and real estate agents. The panel will select three finalists who will be interviewed to determine the winner.

Selecting the winner

Wagner is convinced he will reach the threshold of 68,000, but if the entries are just below the minimum before the deadline of April 5, the race may be extended.

She says that if the race reaches the sign before April 5, she will allow entries until the deadline, which will lead to the price of the contest being exceeded. If Wagner does not receive the minimum buy-in or sell house, it will refund the incoming money in accordance with the terms of the contest.

Some of the participation fees are donations from people who want to see the success of the contest, she said. Wagner had already planned to donate 5% of Calgary's Emergency Assistance Cash, but if the competition fails, all entry fees marked as donations will go to the shelter.

Wagner says there are about 5,000 records so far and received 1000 to 2000 emails of records and questions a day since the race became viral on Jan. 20. letters are so touchy that I have to leave them.

Wagner says he is not picky when it comes to the winner. She says she can be an athlete who enjoys skiing in the neighborhood or someone who needs a second chance in life. She wants someone she can imagine in her home life.

"How would somebody move here, why would they like to cut the grass? Why do they like to be here?

Wagner took the house out of the market after the real estate agent was bombarded with questions. She says that if someone turns to her with a bid, she will ask for the proposal to be postponed to the deadline for the competition on April 5th.

But if the potential buyer rejects this condition and the offer is comparable to the home price, she would be forced to accept the offer and cancel the contest because of her health, she said.

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