Sunday , June 13 2021

A woman accused of casting a chair over the balcony

A 19-year-old woman accused of throwing a chair in front of the balcony in central Toronto was charged after she was surrendered to police on Wednesday.

Marcela Zoya is accused of misuse, life threatening, evil, damaging property under $ 5,000, and plain trouble. She is expected to appear in a courtroom in Toronto on Wednesday.

Zoya surrendered on Wednesday morning in Toronto's 52nd Toronto Police Division around 7 am. She entered herself and co-operated with the police, according to Det. Todd Higo.

The social media weekend showed a widespread video showing a blond black woman wearing a chair in a high-rise building. Police believe this happened on Saturday at about 10 am in an apartment in the area of ​​the port and yellow streets overlooking the Gardiner motorway and the lake's boulevard.

On Tuesday, the police made a public call to the woman to surrender, saying they knew her identity.

Const. David Hopkinson, a spokesman for the Toronto police, said no one was injured in an accident.

"Once she understood who she was, the investigators came to her and began to take care of her to turn her in. We want to give her the opportunity to talk to her lawyer and then to appear at her own will." said on Wednesday.

"It's the best thing for everyone, and when no one was injured, there was no concern about public safety, which gave us the freedom to try to treat her the best.

Throwing the chair was "very insensitive"

Police reported on Monday that two chairs, among others, were thrown across the balcony.

There was outrage at the possibility that the thrown objects had injured someone or caused an accident, as the highway was just below it.

The chair is seen waving from the wind as it drives it down to the highway. (Lisa Calderon / Facebook)

Hopkinson said the casting of the chair seemed "very insensitive" due to the obvious neglect of the damage that could be caused as the area is heavily populated.

He said he received a copy of the video on Sunday and the police began investigating the following day.

Police received tumultuous advice

Articles that the police say were thrown from a "very high floor" in the building landed in front of the entrance to the apartment, police said.

Police reported that they received a large number of emails from members of the public with information about the woman on Monday.

"I received more advice, calls, advice and information about it than anything else," said Hopkinson.

"The possibility that someone might have been injured was easy there.

According to the Criminal Code, a conviction in a misuse that threatens only life can lead to imprisonment.

"Anyone who does evil that causes a real danger to life is guilty of a crime of a general nature and is subject to imprisonment for a lifetime," the Criminal Code says.

In connection with the casting incident, anyone with information is summoned to contact the police at 416-808-5200 or the abusers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

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