Wednesday , June 16 2021

All the secret SNES data is simply removed from the NES App Nintendo Switch Online


You may remember that last month, a total of 22 SNES games were spotted in Nintendo Switch Online – the Nintendo Entertainment System application. Since then, and especially with Nintendo's public commitment to "boost the attractiveness" of its Switch Online service, we have been convinced that SNES games will reach the console in the near future.

In an interesting view of the events, however, the update of the NES application today has removed all references to the previously discovered SNES titles. Twitter user @itssimontime, who claims to have data games, noticed the change today, with his twitter being shared by the previous scammer and data miner, @KapuccinoHeck,

The games that were originally seen in the application code include similar ones Super Mario Cart, Legend of Zelda: Link to the past, Star Fox, and Super Metroidthat everyone would have rather literally "speed up the attractiveness" of the service quite immediately. Of course, the reality here is that it still does not mean so much; we should not have known about the games hidden in the application code first, and Nintendo has not yet confirmed whether the SNES games will arrive at all.

However, the initial evidence (and further digging) still believes that the SNES version of the NES application will soon appear. Maybe we will learn more in today's Nintendo Direct?

What do you think? Are SNES games on the road? Will they arrive earlier than we think? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

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