Monday , January 25 2021

Alternative to UCP, environmental groups to intervene in Saskatchewan's carbon tax case

The United Conservative Conservative Party of Alberta will have the right to intervene in a forthcoming lawsuit involving the Saskatchewan Province and Ottawa Province on the national carbon tax.

The Saskatchewan Appellate Court decided that all 16 candidates would be able to intervene in the case to be heard in mid-February.

These include the David Supuky Foundation, the First Nations Assembly, and the Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia Prosecutors General Advocates.

In April, Saskatchewan asked the court to rule whether the federal government's plan to introduce a carbon tax on the province was constitutional.

"Whatever the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal's ruling, we can say that everyone who wants to be heard is heard," said Saskatchewan's Minister of Justice, Don Morgan.

"Everyone has the feeling that you have to do something about emissions, you have to do something about carbon, but the carbon tax does not think it's the right decision," said Don Morgan. Saskatchewan's Justice Minister. (CBC Matt Garland)

"I think this is an indication that people all over Canada are asking for it," he said. "The federal government has the right to tax but not to tax different taxes in Canada."

He expects the case, and a similar challenge in Ontario, will ultimately be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Morgan and the Saskatchewan party government say their Prairie Resilience reduction strategy is as effective as the federal carbon pricing scheme.

"We feel pretty strong about the position we have," Morgan said. "I do not think the position proposed by any of these faces would argue the argument.

Saskatchewan's Appeal Court in Regina canceled two days in February to hear the arguments of all 16 interventions. They include:

  • Chief Prosecutor of Ontario.
  • Association of Farmers in Saskatchewan.
  • Canadian Environmental Law Association and Environmental Defense Canada Inc.
  • New Brunswick Chief Prosecutor.
  • Saskatchewan Power Corporation and SaskEnergy Incorporated.
  • Attabaska Chipevian First nation.
  • Canadian Federation of Taxpayers.
  • United Conservative Association (Alberta).
  • Canadian Public Health Association.
  • Assembly of the First Nations.
  • Climate Justice Saskatoon.
  • Chief Prosecutor of British Columbia.
  • Intergovernmental Climate Coalition.
  • David Suzuki Foundation.
  • Canada Ecophysical Commission.
  • International Emissions Trading Association.

The Federal Government opposed the request by the University of National Defense to join Saskatchewan.

UBS leader Jason Kenny, a former federal cabinet minister, has learned he is happy with the decision and will boost the fight for the Alberta.

The written decision states that all allegations made by the interveners must be limited to legal issues relating to the tax.

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