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Amazon Black Friday 2018: The best deals in the UK live right now

The Black Friday of the Amazon 2018 is live and there are huge discounts that have to be won over a number of items in their store.

If you are after something from Fire TV Stick on a new 4K OLED TV, we have all Amazon specific UK the best Black Friday deals here. Click here to load more than the wider coverage of Black Friday UK Deals.

Black Friday is here, and Amazon does not waste time, hurrying with a lot of deals, which an expert team is working around the clock to bring you. We have seen huge concessions from everything from smartphones and tablets to white goods and TVs.

We review the 1000 most technological products per year, so we are in excellent position to bring you recommendations for deals. When possible, we'll tell you what we thought when we reviewed the item. Scroll down to see our best options.

Do not forget to sign up for a 30 day free trial if you are not yet a member of a full range of benefits during the busiest shopping time of the year.

Also make sure you take a quick look at the hottest live offers now.

Black Friday Amazon UK deals 2018 live right now

We'll get to the deals directly to keep you from slowing down. You can also use these handy shortcut links below to navigate to the relevant content. But even with this hand-picked bunch of deals, we know there's still a lot to choose, so move on to our deals for "Amazon Black Friday" Highlights at the bottom of this article to read more about some of the transactions you do not want to miss.

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All transactions were correct at the time of publication, but they could change quickly. Act quickly to win a bargain.

Amazon deals of the day

Amazon has a large selection of deals of the day worth checking out. As the name suggests, you only have one day before you run out of these bargaining deals. Today's absolutely unacceptable deal of the day is Fitbit Versa, which gave us 8/10 in our review when it was £ 199.99. Now, when it's only £ 139.99, it's a fantastic value. You have one day to get your bag.

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Do you want more deals with reliable reviews?

How about these:

Latest offers for Amazon UK for Black Friday 2018: Today's highlights and more

Remarkably, the two Firewire the models have lost 15 pounds of their price. So this is only £ 24.99 for the model that is not 4K, or £ 34.99 for the 4K model. This is a seriously inexpensive upgrade for anyone who wants to add smart TV functionality to their TV (maybe the one you just bought from our Black Friday television deals page). We can see that many of them end up as Christmas presents.

Best of all, Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) was also reduced by 50%, although only recently released. In a similar way Kindle Paperwhite, barely two weeks after the release, declined by £ 30.

Other places have some discounts on Amazon TVs. There is Philips 43-inch Ambilight just £ 329, which is incredible value from the respected TV brand. For portable computers, award winners Dell XPS 13 has lost 200 pounds. This is a stunning laptop at an amazing price. For fitness fitness, already great value Huawei Band 2 Pro has dropped pounds and is now down only for £ 35.99. This is an incredible value for a fitness tool with GPS.

If you want to start with smart heating, there is a fantastic deal Hive active heating where you can get free free Echo Dot for free. This way you can just ask Alexa to turn on your heating. Now it's clever. If you are for a new phone, OnePlus 6 is up to 399 pounds. It has the same features as the new OnePlus 6T, but for some of the price. So it's a little profitable. Other phone deals include Sony Xperia XZ1, which is 45% to just £ 219. Moto G4 Plus is also in advantageous territory if you are after budget.

If you are looking for a gift for a high- Annie Cosmo with an impressive £ 60 discount. The smart little robot is sure he will handle Christmas and we will see that he is extremely popular. Especially for this price, as this is the lowest price ever made by Amazon.

If you're looking to sign up for Amazon, there's a whole bunch of discounts for Audible, Kindle Unlimited and Music Unlimited. You can get Kindle Unlimited for £ 1.99 for 3 months, which is perfect if you are a keen reader. Not just books, but also a whole range of magazines. You will be sorted for reading all the time.

Music Unlimited is just 99p for three months, which is a fantastic value for accessing a music library and millions of songs and downloading for offline playback.

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What is happening yet to expect from Black Friday Amazon UK

So we've had some ridiculously good deals in the countdown to the Amazon black Friday. But there will be more to happen when Black Friday is dressed in Amazon UK. We expect to have a treasure trove of new deals appearing on November 23, when Amazon's Black Friday madness really begins.

It is impossible to predict with absolute certainty the exact deals that Amazon will perform on the next black Friday. But we can take educated assumptions based on previous years as the retailer coincides completely with its approach.

With this in mind, we expect to see discounts PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch game consoles. Best of all, Xbox One S and Xbox One X should also get a deal or two. Amazon usually goes big with its game concessions, so there will probably be plenty of discounts on games as well. Perfect gift time (or just games for yourself).

Then we will also expect GoPro cameras for action and Latest ears speakers (the eyes are peeled for some tip UE boom 2 is dealing now that Boom of UE 3 (although the latter may also be rejected).

DJI drones have also severely rejected their drones in previous years, DJI Mavic Pro as a super popular model last year. С DJI Mavic Air which is already available, looks primed and ready for a black Friday discount. The fingers passed, as it turned out to be one of our favorite years of the year.

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Amazon Echo Dot (Third Generation) vs. Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Other top sellers last year Call of the Second World War, Oral Electric Toothbrushes, and toys. A lot of toys. It is assumed that Amazon has sold 4.3 million of them, so if you are looking for Christmas gifts, you may pay to wait for Amazon Black Friday and get all your gifts sorted by a single click. Amazon UK also sold 210,000 pairs of headphones.

One word for advice: If you are not a fully paid member of Amazon Prime, now is the time to consider signing up for the free 30-day trial of the company. This will give you access to a full load of additional transactions as well as income as free deliveries the next day.

Amazon in the United States has announced that it eliminates the requirement for a minimum order for free shipping, but it is not mentioned that Amazon UK offers the same. So at the moment, you have to spend at least 20 pounds to get a free shipping. This is not the accelerated delivery you receive with Amazon Prime, so if you are in a hurry to sign up for that major trial.

We hope that Amazon will reduce Prime's membership fee for Black Friday, as it did in previous years.

Amazon has also begun offering customers the opportunity to split the price of the items for 5 months. Even better, it's interest-free. From what we have seen, it seems that this is specific with regard to which elements have this as a payment option. Usually we have seen it as an option on Amazon devices, but headphones such as Sony 1000XM3 and phones like OnePlus 6T also have this option for some visitors but not for others.

Needless to say, if you get this option, it could be convenient to help distribute the price on this black Friday without costing you extra.

Free: Sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime process

Amazon premium wardrobe

Amazon premium wardrobe

Before the Amazon black Friday, the retailer recently announced another new failure for its Prime subscribers, targeting those who buy fashion from the retail giant. With the advantage of your wardrobe, you can now choose between three or eight items of appropriate clothing to "try before you buy".

They are sent to you for free, without prepayment, where you have seven days to try them out. The prepaid bag makes it easy to return the items you do not want and then you will only be charged for the items you want to keep. This is an innovative approach where many buyers already benefit from cheap and easy incomes to try out fashion from online retailers. The big change here is not to pay anything in advance and then to worry about getting a refund.

"Whether you want to try some new wardrobes, the latest seasonal trends, or you need new clothes for the family with the option to try different sizes, colors and styles – Prime Wardrobe makes shopping in Amazon easier than ever," he said Susan Sidman, Vice President of Amazon Fashion Europe.

To celebrate the launch, Amazon has a promotion where you can save 5 pounds if you choose to keep the items in the 100-99.99 pound wardrobe. If you keep 200 pounds or more of Prime GARDROBE items, you will save 20 pounds. You can learn more about the promotion of Prime Wardrobe here.

Amazon Black Friday 2018 – What am I getting with Amazon Prime in the UK?

Amazon Prime

The number of benefits of Amazon Prime membership nowadays is almost dizzying. It all started with an accelerated delivery, but now expanded to a lot, much more.

Free: Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime

Accelerated delivery

Fast delivery is still welcome, keep in mind. You can get an unlimited one-day delivery in millions of items, and in certain areas you can even get delivery on the same day and deliver 1 or 2 hours through Prime without absolutely nothing.

If you order a lot and you are in a hurry, this can in itself make Prime's membership a useful one. We lost the number of times we had to rely on fast delivery to get us out.

First video

Then there is a Prime Video that includes streaming movies like Paddington 2 and television shows featuring numerous Amazon original artists such as The Tick, The Man in the High Castle and of course The Grand Tour. There is something for everyone.

Reading primarily

If you are a reader rather than an observer, there is a first reading that gives you access to a rotating catalog of e-books, comics and magazines as part of your membership. You also get extensive access to editors' choice every month. These are free books available early.

First music

Music fans have Amazon Prime Music, which has a catalog of 2 million songs without advertising. This should not be confused with Amazon Prime Music Unlimited, as it is a separate subscription service with 40 million songs. There are 4 months of promotion from £ 0.99 if you want to try this.

Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime receives each day a game of play and a free Twitch promotion in the popular gaming service.

First Early Access

You also get early access to Lightning Deals as a member of Prime, giving you a very important start against other hunters on a deal. The Amazon family gives you a 20% discount on groceries like diapers and baby food, so great value if you're a new parent.

Unlimited photo storage

You also get unlimited free photo storage as part of your membership. Fantastic news if you do not have room to store your phone or computer and a great way to back up these important memories.

Essential, exceptional sound process

If you are a senior member, you can also do a free 90-day Audible audition. Audible is all about audio books and as part of your membership you get credit for one free audio book every month. You also have access to free audio shows and unlimited listening to original short audio programs.

You also get 60% of the selected audiobooks. Every audiobook you buy is yours even if you stop your membership. You can listen to a variety of devices, including mobile and desktop applications, as well as Kindle Fire, Amazon Echo, or Fire TV.

Membership costs £ 7.99 per month after the 90-day trial runs out.

Amazon Household

You can also share your Amazon Prime account with a second adult as part of an Amazon household. We do not just want to give the other half the password for the Amazon or. They may have their own Amazon account, but you share the benefits of your Amazon Prime account, including digital content and accelerated delivery.

If you want to create a home amazon, read our guide.

Premier League and other sports (in the future)

Amazon has announced that it has acquired the rights to broadcast certain Premier League football matches in 2019 exclusively for premieres. Expect Amazon to further boost your bids in the future to add even more reasons for registering with Prime.

Amazonian student

If you are lucky that you are still living student life, you also get a number of benefits from Amazon Prime with Prime Student. Not only do you get 50% of Prime membership, get extra discounts like 10% of Amazon's textbooks, fashion and other sections. You can see all the benefits of Amazon Prime Student and take a free 6-month study here.

Amazon Black Friday 2018 – How to notice a good deal

The Amazon Prime Minister

Use a Chrome extension like Keepa or, if you are not a Chrome user, a site like CamelCamelCamel. Both are Amazon trackers that let you see the history of Amazon's product prices. This is great if you want to see if the price has actually dropped and you are getting a really good deal.

Of the two, Keepa is our favorite because you do not even have to move away from the Amazon Product page. It's built in there for you while browsing Amazon by instantly letting you see if you're getting a low-priced product. Since prices tend to fluctuate, you will need to make a call if it is the right time to get started now.

If this is not the lowest price that has ever been, but has not been relinquished for a long time, it may still be a good time to get started. At the moment you may also need a product to help with the solution. It may be easy to think about a solution, but it is ultimately a personal decision when to dive.

Amazon warehouse deals

Do not forget about Amazon Warehouse deals that offer discounts on used or open boxes. Here Amazon "tests the functional and physical condition of each element and gives the product a specific rating before selling it." Amazon's guarantee of satisfaction is still in place, so you do not lose any of the protection you usually get through regular Amazon purchases.

All of this may make it harder to pinpoint all the best deals – or at least those that you might like. That's why we've created this page to keep you updated with some of the best deals broken down by different product categories.

We may get a commission if you click on a deal and buy an item. That's why we want to make sure you are well informed and happy with your purchase, so you will continue to rely on us for your purchasing needs.

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