Wednesday , May 5 2021

Andrew Scheer closes star star Kevin O'Leary in hopes of defeating Trudeau Liberal in 2019

Ottawa – Conservative leader of Andrew Sharre's campaign next year will get a star from businessman Kevin O'Leary, said on Monday in Toronto.

O'Leary appeared against Scherer for the Conservative Party leaders before dropping out and supporting his main rival, Michael Bernier. But now O'Leary and Share joined in hopes of defeating the liberals in 2019.

They held a Q & A session at the University of Reyerson with students and other members of the Conservatives, demonstrating their partnership.

"We need a new manager, we need a new government, we need a new policy, so it's here," said O'Leary at a moment, pointing to Scheer, "and we will do that all over the country.

O'Leary said the country should save from "weak, weak managers."

"The whole cabinet is weak," he said. "That's the spatula we need. … Scratch it and start again.

In turn, Scheer told the audience that he likes to talk about the Canadians having "given a positive conservative view." Under it, the party has always ranked second in public opinion, much ahead of the new Democrats, but rarely challenges liberals for the first place.

"We will shoot and hire," said O'Leary of the Tory Plan for the Government. "I'm so motivated to get out there to make this change happen because I feel it. It smells like the winds of change."

Brock Harrison, a Shar-speaker, said the plan was for the couple to hold more events together.

If Bernie is irritated by the relationship between his former rival and former supporter, he did not show it on Monday. Now he left the Conservative Party, calling her "morally corrupt". He said that O'Reil supports his proposal for a conservative leadership position, but not his new "People's Party" movement.

We will shoot and hire

Tim Powers, a conservative strategist and vice president of Ottawa Summa Strategies, said that if Sheyer could learn from O'Leary, then the Conservative Party would take advantage of his appearances.

"Mr. Leary is a unique hero, perhaps there are some lessons that can be learned as it relates to millennia," says Powers.

But there are risks associated with the alliance, Powers pointed out, for example, if O'Leary overshadowed Sharre with his thriving personality.

– Let's not throw. If Kevin O'Leary turns and does all this for Kevin O'Leary and makes inadequate comments, then Andrew Scheer can carry these, "Powers said.

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