Sunday , June 20 2021

Apex Legends players find disappointing new bugs

Apex Legends requires players to be quick and meaningful in their decisions when a fire breaks out, but a recurring bug throws a wrench in many player matches, causing some to ask for a fix.

The launch of Respawn Entertainment for their royal battle was met with an incredibly enthusiastic fan base that grew to crazy numbers for a few weeks. But now this community is beginning to feel the growing pain in the title, which is beginning to affect the players.

In Reddit's post, the user "Simpleyfaded" connects a video from him to a warmed military zone that he does well enough while the routine collection of the loot does not lead to an error leading to a quick exit from the game.

Respawn Entertainment

The mistake is not what players find in Loot Boxes, but what is not shown.

An error in the booty boxes

Just as Simpleyfaded ended up a tight opponent, he searched their booty to get some armor.

Though some players pointed to Simpleyfaded, grabbing openly with weapons that were heard nearby as a first mistake, everyone would go according to the plan if the game did not decide to keep Body Armor's appearance in the box.

Although everything from the enemy's eliminated weapons to the attachments was readily available for the loot, the bumper needed two seconds to show up in the list of items.

How bad is the error?

While the error does not interrupt the game on its stitches, the two seconds (sometimes more) pauses to wait for the bumper can forcefully exchange the game to someone as seen in the video.

In this example, Simpleyfaded did not consider which loadout would be best to equip itself from the eliminated player's hiding place. The only thing they wanted was a bumper to continue with the next battle.

In anticipation of the bumper, a Gibraltar failed to make the jump on Simpleyfaded, immediately taking them out of the game.

Respawn Entertainment via GameCrate

It sucks when one thing you want to loot takes your charging time to pick up.

The problem is in the community circle of Apex Legends, although Simpleyfaded is Xbox on other players who have made a mistake on PlayStation and even PC.

Apex Legends players notice Armor delays that are happening more and more, so it will be interesting to see if Respawn Entertainment will handle the issue soon.

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