Saturday , December 5 2020

Ariana Grand pays tribute to Michael Miller for Thanksgiving

Festivals can be tricky for those who miss their beloved, and this Thanksgiving, Ariana Grand's thoughts were with her late ex-boyfriend Michael Miller.

On Thursday, the singer "God is a woman" shared a great memory from 2017 when she and Miller thanked together. Decorated with festive emotions, the image showed the pairs of wearing heads. "Pai," she suggested her this year. Now add a new inscription: "You have missed."

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The story of Ariana Grand.

The story of Ariana Grand.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

Grand has so far shared a few ways with her ex-wife after her sudden drug-related death on Sept. 7. The next day she broke her silence, and the singer put a black and white photo of the Instagram rapper on September 8th.

A few days later, Grand shared a video of himself, and Miller laughed along with the inscription: "I adored you from the day I met you when I was nineteen, and I will always do it."

"I can not believe you're not here anymore." I really can not hug my head around him. We talked about it. so many times. I'm so angry I'm so sad I do not know what to do, "Grand continued. "You were my most dear friend. for so long. above all else. "

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In October, one week after the announcement of Grande and SNL comedian Pete Davidson has withdrawn his engagement, she is publishing a video on her story about Instagram, in which Miller is preparing for the Oscars night.

In the video, Miller, who was standing with Grande's mother, Joan and her grandmother, Nonna, put their sleeve on her wedding jacket while watching Elton John's interview on TV.

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Michael Miller in the history of Astana Grand.

Michael Miller in the history of Astana Grand.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

"I had to wear that for the night," says Miller, referring to the singer's burgundy coat, pink diamond sunglasses, and colored pendants.

After making the comment, he turned to Grand and laughed as he realized he was recording the sweet spot.

Choosing to let the video speak – which also contains Miller Myron's dog sitting in front of the late rapper – Grand did not add an inscription, and instead just added a heart to Miller's left hand.

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