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Aspects of Kingston's arrests related to terrorism are "unusual": security analyst – national

The Crime and Security Analyst calls the arrest of two people linked to terrorism an "unusual" case, and outlines the process needed to be accused of terrorism under the Canadian Penal Code.

2nd person arrested in Kingston, Ontario, "attacked plot" released without charge: RCMP

On Friday morning, RCMP arrested a young man and a second adult husband after raids were held in two residences in Kingston, Ontario.

The second adult man, identified as Hussam Eddin Alzahabi, 20 years old, was released without charge.

The young person is accused of "knowingly facilitating terrorist activity" and "advising a person to deliver, put, throw or blow up an explosive or other lethal device" in a public place.

WATCH: The boy is accused, the man is arrested in a Kingston Terrorism Investigation

What stands out in this case is that it involves a young person, said Dave Perry, a former police detective and now CEO of the Investigative Solutions Network (ISN), a private investigating firm.

"From what we hear so far, perhaps [he is] the leader of what we heard about today, so I find this unusual.

"I find it unusual that they have arrested a second person, an adult, and at least have not blamed this person," Perry said.

Perry explained that to apply the terrorist charge, "the first thing you need is the Chief Prosecutor's consent."

Youngsters accused of terrorism in connection with Kingston raids: RCMP

"The police usually have to go to the Chief Prosecutor and show that the actions are directed either to religion or to national security or to ideological ideas," he said.

Under the Canadian Criminal Code, terrorism is defined as an act committed in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, purpose or cause, and which is intended to threaten the public or a part of the public or insurmountable. someone to do or to refrain from something.

Perry says the FBI board that started the investigation is "obviously one [police] trust very much ", and from there he will investigate it" for reasons of national security ".

WATCH: There was a "confirmed attack plan" in the Terrorism Investigation: RCMP

"[The police] would find these people, would watch these people, investigate them, and stay there 24 hours a day until they reached the point where either they had enough evidence to arrest or [take] risk, which would be an ongoing assessment, [in which] they had to act to prevent a terrorist attack, "he said.

Leader of RCMP Michael Lesage said the investigation began in December 2018.

RCMP Spt. Peter Lambertuchi, who is responsible for INSET Ottawa, said that "precursors" that could be used in explosives were found in one of the homes that had been shot on Thursday evening, but the authorities said a bomb had never been put on .

WATCH: RCMP confirms that youth accused of terrorism in Kingston's raids

Officials said they detonated and neutralized a "substance" in the nearby car park.

Although the Law on Juvenile Criminal Justice prevents the police from identifying the accused, Perry says age does not matter when he faces a terrorist charge.

"Everything else is exactly the same," Perry said. – Most likely [scenario] in a serious case like this one [is] they will apply for accusation or at least to be tried as an adult. "

The youth appeared at a bail hearing in Kingston on Friday, and the case was postponed until Monday when he would make a new court video presentation.

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