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Bellator boss Scott Cocker interrogates CSAC to deal with John Jones, CSAC responds

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Prior to UFC 232, several John Jones Drug Tests detected traces of the forbidden substance turinabol, which prompted the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to deny the lightweight category legend license. This forced UFC to move the entire UFC 232 card to Los Angeles, California, as the more condescending California athletics (CSAC) wanted to license Jones.

Since then, a Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) test, carried out during the night of weighing UFC 232, has again found the same forbidden substance in the John Jones system. Despite this new information, however, CSAC will not punish Jones, claiming that the anomalies in his test results are due to his previous takeover of a forbidden substance – for which he has already been punished.

Bellator President Scott Cocker, who often promotes the battles in California and works closely with CSAC, is not impressed with the way the Commission has handled this situation.

"From the company's point of view, I think it's very disappointing," Cocker told reporters of a clash with Bellator 214 (via MMAjunkie). "You go out there and put your reputation at risk for health and safety and for all the things that cut the weight.

"We have always supported the committee and will continue to support the committee," he continued. – But listen to if there is a fighter (drugs to increase productivity), he has a PED in it. That's how I feel.

"Now I'm a judge, a jury and a executioner – it's a little difficult for me to accept, but that's what it is," concluded Cocker. "We will go according to the rules of the committee and we will continue. But I do not think this is the right call and that was the appeal of CSAC Director Andy Foster. Indeed, the committee for 32 years, I'm in the California State Commission, I think this is one of the few times when I said, "Hey, that's not right." We'll see what happens to that. "

Shortly after Scott Cocker made these comments on the situation with John Jones, Foster issued the retransmission through MMAjunkie.

– I like Bellator and I like Scott Coker. Bellator's staff are happy to work with him, "Foster wrote about John Jones's situation. "I have said this with great respect, Mr Coker has not examined the scientific papers I have and, to my knowledge, has not spoken to scientists who are the world's largest experts on this issue. My decision was based on the conclusions of the scientists. Scientists say there is no re-administration. I rely on the experience and knowledge of the scientists. If or when scientists tell me something different, I will modify the executive discretion accordingly. "

What do you think of this drama with CSAC and Jon Jones? With Scott Cocker on this?

This article first appeared BJPENN.COM on 25.1.2019.

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