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Beyond the Headlines: Expect business action before freezing the NHL

"Beyond Titles" is a deeper dive in some of the stories – and even some that were not – discussed each week during the Hockey Night in the Canadian "Headlines" segment.


The Ottawa senators are in pickles from the day Matt Duchene arrived.

Without the player's fault, the trade with three teams that brought Duchene to the nation's capital 13 months ago is a milestone for the organization. It was a complete move to General Manager Pierre Dorion, who eventually ended his course and took important parts of his list almost immediately afterwards.

Duchenne is now at the center of another crucial decision for Sens.

The team wants to point out their future intentions at the start of the new year, as his colleague Nick Kirépos announced the "titles" as he will have to consider a deal before the deadline of February 25 if he does not enter Ottawa in the long run,

This is a very nuanced situation.

Duchene liked the city and the team, but played only eight playoffs during his NHL career. As he approaches the age of 28, he wants to be part of a winner. It will also be influenced to some extent by the future of Mark Stone, another from Ottawa, who is waiting for the UFA, who can not sign an extension before January 1.

If Stone remains, he's got a better chance.

Drachene prefers to focus primarily on hockey this season, but he will have some extra time to think of a bigger picture after suffering a trauma in the groin on Thursday night that will remove him for at least a few weeks and stop his career.

Senators, unfortunately, will see life without him.

They are in winning mode even when they have several young players because they do not have their first tournament in the upcoming project. This went to Colorado on the Dukeen deal as a further complication of the decisions to come.


The Cape certainly made a big deal by throwing the defender on Alex Pitargelo's right hand into the rumor mill and attaching it to the Toronto Cale Leaf during the Accents segment.

You would have to do a trade for Leafs and Blues to do this – though with the teams that go in the opposite direction, there is at least the motivation to study the possibility of fitting.

Elliot Friedman has entered the wider league, which is the fact that so many of these talks are being made right now. December is usually not a big commercial month in NHL, but there is a lot of frustration.

Anaheim ducks actively seek scoring help even after Daniel Sprang's acquisition earlier this week. Carolina hurricanes want the top six ahead. Jim Rutherford is hampered by Pittsburgh's chess players, but there's no way he can sit back with his penguins out of playoffs.

Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis are at the bottom of the ranking and need refreshment. Each of them has received assets for sale. Boston could use some offensive help while leaving a constant stream of injuries. Friz heard that Philadelphia, Minnesota and Florida were also actively exploring the commercial market.

In general, if you meet a NHL general manager these days, do not be surprised if you press it tight against your mobile phone.

"Teams are starting to make deals earlier this year," said Duke GM Bob Murray to reporters on Saturday. "Things were really quiet due to the Toronto-Nileander situation, since it has been put in bed, there has been much more mess than ever since.

Expect some commercial action before the entry into force of the NHL freeze for the weekend at 11:59. on 19 December.

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Signing of PAPI + PATRIK

Superstars rarely enter the third NHL season before signing their second NHL contract.

Everyone from Connor McDavid to Jack Eichel to Evgeni Malkin to Sydney Crosby was locked up to extend the year from the expiration of the entry level agreement. The only exception is Alex Ovechkin, who waited until January 10, 2008 – in the middle of his third season with Washington Capitals – before signing the $ 124 million landmark, a 13-year contract he still plays today.

This leads us to Aston Matthews of Toronto and Patrick Line to Winnipeg, each of whom is waiting for the RFA, which is currently challenging Ovechkin for the title of the most dangerous golfer in the league.

It's not about the superstar status of any player. The numbers 1 and 2 of the 2016 drawing have fulfilled their promise and then some of them were invited to the Buffalo stage.

Matthews and Line have set off a huge payday, with Leafs and Jets probably worth more money because last summer they did not receive an extension. Matthews has 16 goals in 16 games this season. Line has 21 to 28.

Their agents will also now negotiate a forecast salary of 83 million dollars for the next season and not for 79.5 million dollars in 2018-19.

As I reported on Accents, the industry has a strong belief that Matthew will be the main target for a bid for the offer if he does not remain signed on July 1. I think Lynn will be so good.

Now one player must agree to sign one of these and there is no reason to believe that Matthews or Line are willing to leave an opposing team. But if someone offered a seven-year offer at $ 15 million, would we expect to say no to loyalty?

Not likely.

After our second breakout segment ended on Saturday, Brian Burke did not want to discuss the potential of the green list bid list. Do not forget that he once challenged Kevin Law in tribal struggles over one of them. Big Burke agreed with the feeling we're probably going to see our first bid list this summer since 2012.

"It was code," he said. "I do not think these people care more.

Leverage is redirected to young NHL players in these negotiations.

Especially the superstars.


The answer to the longest hockey riddle could come from an unexpected place: As the Philadelphia Flyers recall how to keep their target – at least until the outlook Carter Hart is ready to take the wheel – there is a whisper they will take in Sergey Bobrovsky on 1 July.

Yes, that's the same when Sergey Bobrovski Flyers signed as a free agent from Russia. The same Sergey Bobrovski traded Columbus for the second, third and fourth rounds of the track just to see him twice win the Vesna trophy.

Bobrovski has posted the second best NHL rescue rate (.921) since it was dealt to Blue Jackets in 2012. This is a strong experience that explains his struggles during the first third of this season – struggles that will probably be overlooked by Flyers, Islanders and others need to reach the open market this summer, as expected.

Philadelphia has gone through several different headquarters and front office since the start of the Bobrovski deal (Paul Holmgren, the then general manager is now president of the team), while trying to write a list of goalkeepers ranging from Alex Lyon to Rob Zepp .

With none of the NHL options signed this season, Flyers will look for another response this summer. Maybe it's Bobrovsky.


Playoffs believers continue to dream. Disadvantages of the strong opposition of Commissioner Gary Betman to the expanded Stanley Cup tournament had team owners who took advantage of overtime at a weekend meeting to discuss the merits of what might seem.

At least they would be glad to see the creation of two gaming matches at each conference, as we have already mentioned in headlines. This is most easily achieved with number 7 against number 10 and number 8 against 9 in the east and west.

However, they also kicked out more radical ideas. One governor even supports the ending of the regular season to 78 matches and the view that 24 teams qualify for the playoffs – the idea of ​​"pie in the sky", if any.

"The League never regretted adding more teams to the season," he argues.

The belief among players in the playoffs is that eventually Bethman will shake. They point out that he was against legalized sports gambling until he was; that he has always been ready to change his position when there is a way to make the league more profitable.

Since the NHL is expected to grow again in 2021, it is the only conviction that should be adhered to.

The league is growing, but stubborn owners will have to make a lot more lobby before the player develops with him.

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