It seems that Julie Chen's talk shows are over and she will leave her role as host in & # 39; The Talk & # 39; Susana Victoria Perez has more.

It doesn't feel like Christmas morning to Abbott's alumni "Big Brother" after the reality star was captured in Tampa, Florida.

Abbott, 36, was charged with crime crime Tuesday, according to online records from the Tampa Police Department.

According to police reports obtained by We are Magazine and TMZ, Abbott quarreled with new boyfriend Benjamin Bunn's new boyfriend, Samantha Morse, outside the Tampa gym in August.

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Everything is increasing rapidly, the report said, after Abbott "threw a coffee cup" and crashed into the "victim vehicle twice" with his Mercedes-Benz SUV, causing damage worth more than $ 5,000 for Morse cars. The fitness superstar also called Morse a "miserable, damaging little house (expletive)."

Abbott was reported to be eight months pregnant with Bunn's child at the time of the incident. The reality star gave birth to their son, Loyal, October 8.

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Us Magazine and TMZ reported that officers allowed Abbott to surrender later because of the extent to which he was in his pregnancy. He was released on Tuesday with his own confession less than an hour after giving up.

He took to Instagram after being released to defend himself.

"There are lies & truth for each story & I will share mine when I am ready. Until then, I have been proactive by taking care of my responsibilities to solve this problem," he wrote in his Instagram story, along with a photo of him carrying his baby.

He continued: "I focus on providing for Faithful & recovering from pregnancy which is very emotionally challenging & difficult delivery. Being a single mother is quite challenging without the world having an opinion about a situation they don't know."

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