Thursday , June 17 2021

Big changes are coming to the Big Brothers Big Sisters

This is a new year in Big Brothers Big Sisters from Sault Ste. Marie and we undergo some changes – a positive change. As many of you know, we received a great amount of the Aceto Catch Lottery from Wellington Eskiseer Club in October last year – our agency received over $ 800,000 raised locally!

We are in the process of planning and consulting to help develop our agency, and in the next few months things will be a little quiet and we will want your opinion on what you like in our programs and where you see we can improve. We want to ensure that we give our children and young people in this community exactly what they need. More post-school group post-graduate programs, extended support options for out-of-class survey monitoring in early March.

Liza Wezeu-Allen, CEO, kindly resigned and offered to volunteer her services while we transform our agency and coordinate the restructuring plan. Our longtime case manager, Michael Ganyon, accepted a full-time job at Algoma Steel, but agreed to keep track of our part-time matches to maintain continuity. We are working with our board, our national agency and other community members to develop our "new and improved" big sisters at Big Brothers from Sault Ste. Marie!

For the Big Sisters of Salt Stay. Marie

Since the early 1970s in our community, Big Brothers Big Sisters has committed to the healthy development of children and young people through valuable mentoring programs that are vital to promoting their full potential. The agency offers mentoring programs for children and young people facing barriers to life. Our mentors teach by example the importance of returning, staying in school and respecting family, peers and the community. Every time a child combines with a mentor or joins a program at school, something unbelievable – a life-changing relationship based on friendship, trust and empowerment, begins. The testimony of turning the child into a confident, courteous and motivated young person is a remarkable event. Proud, this is something our staff, volunteers and donors are helping to achieve every day, and we are very grateful for their generosity and support. Our agency offers programming to 77 children and young people in our community.

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