Wednesday , December 2 2020

Blackout was protected by the 20th century Fox

Alien: Blackout is filed for trademark by the IP 20th Century Fox owner. The brand also looks strictly aimed at the upcoming video game.

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Alien: Blackout can be a lot of things. Alien: Isolation fans patiently await the sequel to this game, released more than four years ago, but last year Eurogamer sources commented that developers at the Creative Assembly did not work on a new Alien title.

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As for the creative assembly itself, we know from the British Studio's own lists that they are busy working on a first-person shooter tactical game. This would be a great deviation from Alien: Isolation, the title of survival horror where players had to rely solely on stealth to avoid being killed by aliens. If the Creative Assembly does not work on Alien: Blackout, it could be the alien shooters game announced in early 2018 to be under development at Cold Iron Studios, founded by former Cryptic developers.

Anyway, time seems to suggest a possible revelation of the upcoming The Game Awards 2018, organized by Jeff Cayley at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, with a ceremony that will take place on December 6th.


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