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Blue Jays' way to trade with Stroman, Sanchez looks more tangible

LAS VEGAS – The public statements of baseball officials always have some degree, especially when it comes to futures of players who can trade. During winter meetings it is especially recommended to take everything that is said to be grain.

It is important, however, to trace how the discourse about a particular situation changes over time because conversations speak. And the way the commercial mess around Marcus Sundman and Aaron Sanchez evolved from General Manager meetings a month ago – when Ross Atkins said unequivocally, "No one likes Marcus any more than we do, we value him the most" – a deal for one of at least they suddenly look much more noticeable.

Think that Monday when you ask if other teams start to appreciate the two ace-caliber starters similar to Blue Jays, Atkins replied: "I would say that's fair."

"This in no way suggests that they will be traded, far from it," he added. "When you begin to understand the discussions you have, as well as the suggestions that are being made, or even just talking about such deals, then it makes more sense to continue the discussions." The probability of these guys moving is not high. we have to have fun if there is a way to make the organization better. "

This is a significant change in tenor, and the rapidly changing market can easily speed up the progress of this front.

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The catalyst here could have been Patrick Corbin's $ 140 million deal from Washington DC's sixth week last week, taking an important high-end option from the mix, while lifting the hole for Lieutenant Dallas Kuechel. Nathan Eovaldi's $ 68 million deal, four years with the Boston Red Sox, eliminates the best game up in the middle of the market.

Rivals who need a punch can now choose between Keuchel, a veteran like J.A. Happ or try to acquire any of Cleveland's avatars Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer through the trade. Everything will be very expensive in dollars or promising capital, which makes Stroman and Sanchez, economically efficient talents who just enter into their highest years with two seasons of club control, intriguing alternatives.

There is "considerable interest" in both cases, Atkins said, making clear that Blue Jays are deep enough off-season to find out who has a legitimate interest from their players.

"Now it just determines how interesting it is," he said. "Regarding what will be needed (to trade Stroman or Sanchez), there is an objective equation and the return of talent, then how it is in line with your needs." The short answer is that it will have to be one a fair deal, which means we get talent in return, we think it's fair about the talent that will leave, and that's the case for every player. "

There is no deal now. But it sounds like there's a way you can get there.

One of the rivals who spoke to Blue Jays does not believe they are actively shopping or acting as senior but actively listening, while another says he can easily see them retreating from one of the right hands this winter.

The challenge of any such trade is that Blue Jays are already dangerously thin in rotation and that they do not have a similar shoulder that should arrive directly from the farm. They could spend the next few years trying to replicate the kind of impact that both have already brought to a high level in the league, so they are trying to expand them and make sense.

Atkins did not offer much on this front "out of respect for any negotiation that has become too public, and that's too sensitive." But he noted that the extension is a "two-way street" and "there are many countries involved in this decision-making."

The point is that Stroman has gone to an arbitration hearing in each of the last two seasons, while Sanchez is represented by Scott Boras, who is usually willing to take his players to the market.

So, trading the best of what they have is reflection, even when they focus on adding more slope.

Some other news and notes gathered during the wash of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino:

• The Blue Jays met with five agencies, including Paul Cohen, Trouw Tawwowski's agent, and five teams to talk about trading at Delano Hotel in Mandalay Bay Resort. Having said that last week that he was "unlikely", Tulowitzki could contribute above average for 140 games, all Atkins have offered to his restoring short stop that "he is in an incredible state of mind, he feels great physically, looks great moving well, so all the positive signs. "

• Blue Jays have shown interest in their capture, including Russell Martin, who has received $ 20 million in 2019. A veteran rival believes Martin's contract is rolling because "he can still play and help somebody. The question is whether or not Blue Jays will get enough money. "Having noted how many blue dwarfs like and appreciate the 36-year-old, Atkins added," we would consider an opportunity if someone moves it to a talent that makes sense for the organization. " The key term is "for talent". If Blue Jays will eat a significant amount of money, they want to get a certain level of perspective.

• The CEO described "Blue Jays" closer to Ken Giles as "available". The right hand for the right hand recorded 14-in-14 when converting to save after arriving from Houston as part of Roberto Ozuna's return and having two years of control over the rest. His market may not develop until some of the free agents in the market start coming out of the board.

• It is not surprising that Atkins has said that the replenishment of the ticket will be left later in the season because "we prefer to have the full flexibility to understand what our soccer picks capabilities will be before we are aggressive with reliefs" . did a good job of finding value-recovery species last season, adding Seunghwan O, John Axford and Tyler Clippard during spring training.

• Blue Jays have two holes to fill their intelligence department, since promotions from other teams cost them a pair of valuable members. Scout Lambert from the big championship goes to the role of San Diego Pader, and prosecutor Kevin Fox, who is responsible for Kevin Peyler's election in the 32nd round of the 2011 project, joins Seattle sailors to work on the international stage.

• Agent, no boy, to President and CEO of Blue Jays Mark Shapiro. – Just give him time. What he does will work.

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