Tuesday , July 27 2021

Brampton's council voted at 11 o'clock to join the potted shops

The Brampton Municipal Council voted on Monday night for legalized cannabis stores in their city on April 1. The councilors voted eight to three in favor of the opportunity to join.

The vote followed a three-hour meeting, which was sometimes heated, as the counselors discussed whether to allow cannabis stores within the city.

At least one man came out of his anger from the chambers of advice, but several people stood and welcomed when the final vote was announced.

"It was a difficult discussion"

Brampton's Mayor Patrick Brown, who joined the city, said he was proud of the maturity advocated by the counselors.

"It was a tough debate about our city, but I'm proud of our city council for showing maturity to look at all these angles," Brown said after the vote.

"I believe he made the best decision for Brampton.

Last-minute voting comes just one day before Ontario municipalities choose to give up private cannabis business.

Ontario's progressive conservative government announced last year that local authorities should decide whether to host a potshop until January 22, 2019.

So far, cities, including Mississaga, Markham and Oakley, have voted for a denial.

The best bureaucrats in Brampton recommended the city to allow stores.

A recent study of the phone and an online survey conducted by the city found that 54 percent of residents supported the opening of cannabis stores, while 62 percent of cannabis buyers said they would rather shop at the Ontario online store. ,

"As such, staff recommend the Council to support the city in order for private cannabis stores to work in Brampton," the report said.

While municipalities have the right to give up until January 22, the province will allow local authorities to reverse this decision later. However, municipalities that vote to allow cannabis stores will not be able to give up at a later date.

Earlier this month, the government of the PC held a lottery and identified the top 25 companies that could apply for cannabis sale licenses in the province.

Six of the winners are in 905 regions.

The first stores will be opened on April 1st.

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