Thursday , January 28 2021

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE goes on Full DIE HARD in the first season of Six Trailer

It was a very exciting journey when we almost lost Brooklyn nine-nine earlier this year just to save him with a surprising speed from NBC. A further thirteen episodes from the show will arrive in January, and everyone can get in touch with their favorite cheerfully – and strangely competent – police group.

If there was a long-running fear that the NBC shift would change or destroy the show, next season the six trailer should put these worries:

It's less a trailer than a full-length short, which allows Jake Paltta to experience his dream of being John McClean to the crazy admiration of his colleagues (he's even a boss!). It's silly but great, and though it's not a big screen, I'm sure NBC spends a little money on it, which reflects well on the show's future.

And if you do not like the end, you can just try this one!

As Holt says, Brooklyn nine-nine will appear on January 10th of the National Broadcasting Company. Be there!

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