Saturday , December 5 2020

Bruins at Canadiens: Five things you need to know

Kerry Price started against Boston but he only won two of his last seven games, and on Wednesday he lost 5-2 in New Jersey.

Here are five things you need to know about the Canadiens-Bruins game at Bell Center on Saturday (7 am, Sportsnet, TVA Sports, TSN-690 Radio),

Coincidence: This is the second half of the match for both teams. The Canadians were in Buffalo, where they fought late Friday afternoon but lost in extra hours on Jeff Skinner's second goal in the race. This game seemed to represent at least a temporary change in Canadiens' philosophy, as the team relied more on defense than in its previous games. The Canadiens have lost three games in a row for the first time this season, but two of these losses have been extraordinary. Brunins will get a little less rest than the Canadians, as they were at their home in Pittsburgh in an evening game.

Gallagher finds the brand: Maxim Domi's Max Tommy finished on Friday when he was eliminated from the team in Buffalo but Brendan Gallacher scored the 11th goal in the season to get Domie for the lead team. This was Gallagher's second goal in the last three games after crossing an eight-game target land. Andrew Shob scored another goal for Montreal for a strong game and now has seven goals for the season. He has attributed his success to the Jonathan Dwowin and Domie lines, but Shaw enjoys a good season because he plays with the hard-working style he showed earlier in his career in Chicago.

Price back in networks: Carrie Price opens against Bruins and will try to duplicate his previous efforts in Boston. He made 33 savings on October 27 to lead Montreal to 3-0. Price won only two of his last seven starts and lost 5-2 in New Jersey on Wednesday night, though most of the goals against him could do a bad defensive play. Look for Julien to give him some help in this regard with the same game plan he's using in Buffalo.

The other guys: For the second time this season we will hardly see a match between Price and former teammate Jaroslav Halak. The Slovakian veteran plays at home Friday night, which means we will see Tukuka Raska. David Pasterck marks with the Torres this season. He has 17 goals to share NHL with Skinner. But Puturnk is the only Brine who hit doubles this season. Brad Markand has only 6 goals among his 21 points while David Kraychi has only two goals and 14 assists.

Injury report: Canadiens had good news this week as Captain Shey Weber took part in some contact training and he may return to the squad on Tuesday when Canadiens are home to the Carolina hurricanes. The news is not so good for Bruins, who miss three defenders. Zdenko Hara has a knee injury, Charlie McAvoy has a concussion, and Brandon Carlo has injuries in the upper body. Patrice Bergeron, the top scorer of the team, is listed as day by day with a bruised bite, but did not play on Friday night.

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