Wednesday , November 25 2020

Butler Butler's second-second 3-point landed 76th in the net

New York – Jimmy Butler made a 3-pointer with the remaining 2.3 seconds to give the Philadelphia 76ers victory over 127-125 over Brooklyn nets on Sunday.

However, Butler's right wing shot, similar to the one who beat Charlotte overtime on November 17th, limited the Philadelphia rally to 20 points in a game that the net was leading almost all the way.

Butler finished with 34 points and 12 rebounds, while Joel Epipee had 32 points and 12 boards for the 76.

Angelo Russell had 38 points, his highest total for Nets, and added eight assists and eight rebounds. Spencer Dinividy scored 31 points from the bench.

The 76, which are the best team in the 10-1 rating, improved only 4-7 from the center of Wells Fargo.

Butler, whose first winner Shears demolished Kemba Walker's 60th performance in Charlotte, led Philadelphia in the fourth quarter after it seemed sluggish in the first three quarters.

Brooklyn led 118-105 after Dinwiddie's basket forced the 76th to wait 4:57, remaining in the fourth quarter.

Philadelphia then continued with 16-2 and led 121-120 on JJ Redick's 3-pointer, remaining 1:03, the first behavior after Embiid scored the first two points of the game.

Joe Harris responded with 3 of his own to put Nets back in, but Embiid returned to the other end, turning three points after Harris led him to give Philadelphia 124-123 lead.

Dinwiddie briefly put Brooklyn back on the top with a jumper over Regic, putting the scene at Butler's Big shot.

The networks have lost three.


76ers: Embid has 18 matches of 20 points this season, the second 19 of Kevin Durant.

Networks: Brooklyn's 14-point lead in half was the biggest of the season.


Coach 76-year-old Brett Brown said he expects Markel Fulz to go on Monday with a doctor to check his right shoulder. Fulth has missed his last three games and has not played or practiced since Tuesday when his agent announced that the most important dude in the 2017 NBA project will be a New York specialist. The 20-year-old is an average of 8.2 points in 19 matches this season.


76th: Host of New York Knicks on Wednesday.

Networks: Host Utah Jazz on Wednesday.

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