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Buyer of Homes for Homicide Care – BC News

The buyer of the homicide home care

Buyer be careful. B. The Court of Appeal overturned the decision against the Vancouver estate vendor, who did not inform the prospective buyer of an unspecified purposeful murder that happened in the property.

CTV News announces BC. In March 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that Feng Yong Shao was the victim of a "fraudulent performance" when he agreed to buy Shonusy home with $ 6.1 million without telling him that Raymond Juan was shot in the front gate in 2007.

The seller, Mei Jing Wang, has told the lower court to refund $ 300,000 to Shao after she left the sale when she learned of the 2009 murder. ,

In the initial trial, the vendor showed that the murder of his son-in-law had not motivated the sale but said they had moved because the grandson had changed private schools. Judicial documents, however, show that the granddaughter was asked to leave for the safety of the other students.

The vendor or his brokers once mentioned the shooting of the Shao, and the judge in the original trial ruled in her favor.

But the judges of the Courts of Appeal, Mary Newbery, Daphne Smith and Peter Wilkick, did not agree and found that "there was no improper representation by skipping."

The appeal decision places the buyer with the responsibility to ask specific questions about a property, not a seller who voluntarily discloses sensitive information.

"There is no evidence (the seller) knew or ought to have expected Ms. Shao to have a particular sensitivity to an event that happened two years earlier, and that did not affect the quality of the house or its usefulness," Newbury writes .

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