Saturday , January 23 2021

Buyers of Drugs March Mart granted a license to sell medical marijuana online

Buyers of medicine Mart are licensed to sell medical marijuana online.

The list of Canadian Canadian healthcare manufacturers and manufacturers has been updated to reflect the fact that the pharmacy can sell dry and fresh cannabis as well as plants, seeds and butter.

A website has been created that says patients with "a valid medical record will soon be able to buy a wide range of cannabis medicinal products" from buyers.

A spokesperson for the parent company of Shoppers Loblaw Companies Ltd. said it was too early to say when people would be able to start making orders.

She said the company is still working through a "technical problem" with Health Canada.

In September, the company was licensed as a medical marijuana manufacturer after initially filing an application in October 2016.

Buyers said they had no interest in producing medical cannabis, but the license was needed to sell the product to patients.

Under the current Health Canada provisions for a medical pot, the only legal means of distribution is by mail from licensed producers directly to patients.

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