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Canadian skier Eric Guay abruptly withdraws after his teammate's violent catastrophe

Eric Guiy, one of the most adorned alpine skiers in Canada, immediately decided to move away from the sport.

Guay made the announcement on Thursday, hours before he was announced for a race at the World Championship in Lake Louise, Alta. He is set to say goodbye on Sunday super-G.

The 37-year-old born in Montreal has already said that this will be his last season, but admitted that Wednesday's violent disaster by his team-mate Manuel Osborne-Paradi has accelerated his decision.

Alpine Canada says Osborne-Paradis is "doing well" after it crashes during a workout. He was taken off the helicopter hill and will not compete this weekend.

"Yes, this has had an impact," Guey told CBC Sports on Thursday.

"I had just started a few numbers after Mani when I heard he was crashed and that it was supposed to be scattered I knew something bad happened and I put myself in his situation and I just thought, Oh, man, if it happened to me right now, I do not know if I have the energy to go through this rehabilitation process again, so I think this has helped me overcome this edge.

Guy says a high-risk sport like alpine skiing requires a full mental and physical commitment.

"I usually like it so much when I go skiing and when I'm in the opening gate, and I enjoy this anxious and nervous feeling that I'm already at home and not on the hill where it should be.

Eric Guay withdraws without regret:

Canadian World Downhill Champion and Super-G skier discusses his decision to retire at Lake Louise, the site of his first World Cup performance in 2003. 04:48

Guay is married with four young children, and for him the glamor to participate in international ski competitions has lost his shine.

"It's hard to be on my way," Guey says. "It's hard for me to break away [my family] The whole time. And then he draws my attention at any time when I leave for more than a week.

Guay has four daughters, including four-year-old Lenny, left and two-year-old Marlo. (Paul Chiasson / Canadian Press)

Decorated career

Throughout his career, Guay was relatively healthy in a sport that requires maximum risk at maximum speed.

Yes, he had crashes, including a spectacular splash at the World Championship event in 2017, which made him catch a tip at 115 km / h.

And there were injuries, such as the trauma of the back that diverted him to the Winter Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

But more than anything, there are achievements. Guy may not be a household name, but he can do more on the mountain than any Canadian skier ever. This includes the famous members of Crazy Canuck Steve Seleck and Ken Chi.

World champion Eric Guey competes on the edge:

Canadian Alpine skier Eric Guay abruptly announces his retirement before the event of the World Championship in Lake Louise. 01:45

The numbers are impressive. The podiums of the 25th Guayas World Championship are mostly from a Canadian Alpine skier. Guay also has two world titles – the 2011 launch and super-G last year.

"There are so many that attract our attention in so many ways, so not everyone knows Eric's name," says CBC sports skate analyst Kelly Vander Bake, who calls Guay Wayne Greckai.

"I am extremely saddened by this [the news of his retirement], just because he is better than any other male skier we've ever had.

VanderBeek says that Guaya's success for so many years is incomparable. While other Canadian skiers have come to a similar level, VanderBeek stresses that Guay has done it more consistently and has a "factor X".

Guay won the gold medal at the World Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in 2017 (Zhang Egrenzer / Associated Press)

There are no Olympic medals

One thing Guy does not have is an Olympic medal. His best Olympic result was fourth in the super-G at the 2006 Games in Turin, Italy. He missed the podium by 1-10 of a second.

The lack of success on the world's biggest stage may have darkened its potential star, but never bothered.

"We have many times appearing at these Olympics and this must be the biggest event on earth, but it's actually a bit of a show from Mickey Mouse," he said in an interview for 2017.

Eric Guay retires: "there is no point in risking him"

CBC Sports "Brenda Irving describes the Canadian World Downhill Champion and super-G skier who announced her retirement on Thursday. 02:27

At the beginning of his retirement, his opinion has not changed.

"I have so many memories and you know I think I'm leaving the sport with a really positive mood."

Guay always wanted to win, regardless of the race, and leave everything on the hill.

"I want to be competitive, but I'm also not here to waste my time, I do not want to finish 20th throughout the year." I want to be on the podium, "says Guey

But his legacy is more than podiums or medals.

Eric Guey: "When Manny crashed, I thought I should just take the lift"

Canadian Alpine skier Eric Guay walked to the reporters with his sudden decision to retire. 01:33

"For me personally, I think it really started with" Crazy Canucks " [they] place the Canadian skiing ribbon. It was inspiring for me, "says Guay.

"I hope I inspire some young athletes to do better and keep on meeting my goals of being in the World Cup and winning the World Cup and presenting our country everywhere and I think it's the legacy, which I would like to leave.

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