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Canucks at night: Not so much Gaudí's goals

Young people, they say, are lost to the young.

This may be true, but it is definitely not true when you just scored your first goal in the National Hockey League

Adam Gaudet did not allow youth enthusiasm to disintegrate when he smiled on Saturday night when asked about his goal against Kings, the first in the National Hockey League.

For Gaudet this was his 20th season, the 25th of his career.

He has scored on every level.

He was not in the NHL or until Saturday night.

Yes, but they did not, he confessed on Saturday night.

"It's probably a bit stressful, trying not to think about it, but now that's over, it's a huge relief," he said with a big smile.

And where does the puck go?

"Probably just put it on the mantle at home," he said.

For the purpose

"A great game of Gold and Jake," Gauth said, throwing credit to the two wings that won the sideboard plank just when he jumped on the ice.

He ran to the slot and shouted to Virtanan.

Virtanen said he did not even know that it was Gaut's call, but he just saw from the corner of his eye that a teammate was wide open and vaporized in the slot.

"I was aobut to turn and shoot, usually this is a nice thing with a loose washer I wanted to make a quick shot.

But then he heard the cries.

He called him good and strong. Easy to play. "

"As soon as I touched the peak, I just knew.

Sometimes players describe big moments like those that are moving really slow, even if they are really fast. At this point, both Gauth and Wartenn agreed: the play evolved rapidly.

"I think it happened pretty fast, I did not really handle it right away," Gauth said.

Virtanen said everything was natural.

After "Gallobin" puts pressure on the puck, "I really do not know what happened." I remember struck a skate man.

And a moment later, it was at the back of the net.

Virtanen was excited about his friend.

"I kept telling him I was going to take him for the first time in about a month," he said. "I felt really good to make it happen. You know you always want to see a player get his first goal and be part of it.

While Gaudette celebrates with his other three teammates, including a face wash, Virtanen works to release the spike from the back of the net.

"She did not want to go out, she was buried right in the back," he said. He even made the referees come and help him, but that would be his job.

On the bench, his teammates were pleased.

"It was fun, all the boys were so pumped for him on the bench," said Antoine Roussel.

Gauth hoped the monkey would be on his back.

"Hope to come out with a little less tension," he said about how he would play.

Virtanan vs. Faneuff

Virtanen had a lot of ice time at night. with 20:17, second behind the team behind Marcus Grantland. (Surprise!)

The legs were very active in the game.

He was hit by Kings Defender Dion Phaneuf in the first period, but then basically skated through another strike later.

"Before I warmed him, I told him I'd be all night long. Then he struck me hard, "said Virtanen.

Jack Vartanen, to the right of Vancouver Canucks, was checked by Dion Faneuff in Los Angeles Kings during the first NHL hockey season Saturday, November 24, 2018 in Los Angeles.

Jae C. Hong /


"I said it was a faint hit and it would hit me once more.

Vrtalan grinned.

"We've always had good battles, it was fun to play against him."

Killing a Key Punishment

The Kings were awarded a "goal" shot by Drew Dutty, who hit at least two Chris Tanev and Michael Del Zotto on their way to the net, avoiding Jacob Markstrom at the end.

Markstroem said he did not allow the goal to repel him, as they seem to continue to happen.

"You have to let this guy go, it's going to happen almost all year round," he said.

Otherwise, he said he saw the pack well all night. He was happy that the team had finally crashed and found a way to win.

The fact that the team had to kill a punishment could be an emotional impetus for a group that struggles a lot.

"Our killers feel the heat," said Travis Green.

He was pleased that they managed to close the game on high note.

Peterson defeated the winner

Elias Peterson said he knew Dion Faneuff was trying to break the cross from a cross of ice. He was able to read the play perfectly, collecting the puck and competing at the goal keeper of King Cal Petersen.

He shot the pause low and hard, exactly where he wanted to say it, he said.

And he also tried to do his best to happen quickly, hoping to take advantage of the fact that Peterson probably did not expect the game to return to it in this place.

"I felt like he was a long way from the back of the door," he said. "I was just trying to shrink it over the pad.

"I have never been a goalkeeper, but if your team has the puck, I think I would expect the dealer to go out as a goalkeeper," he said.

Kings coach Willie Desjardins says the bad solution speaks for himself.

"Yes, and Dion knows that," he told John Ross of LA Kings Insider. – It's a tough game. I think our support was also far away. If we get a little more support – it does not allow so much time. "

Good game management

Elija Kovalchuk was playing? How good chances did the kings really get?

Canucks managed to play very well, did not give way to many of the dead in the front and took their chances.

The shot card confirms this:

There is a blitz to the net, but they are easier to win by the goalie.

Canucks, on the other hand, made very good pucks in front of him.

In the attempted launch battle, Kings came out with one step ahead, but with Canucks, a leading stack, that's no surprise. The kings won the third in their hands in this respect, but in addition to Jeff Carter's power, fired by the iron, there was a dangerous chance for the kings.

And as for Kovalchuk – who now has eight games without a point – the Kings only managed six shots to head to Jacob Markstrom while on the ice with equal strength.

Golgon goal

The rapid motion of the spike was the name of the game on the second goal of Kanuk, and Sam Gagner came out in front after making a pass from Bo Horvat. The punch began on the other side of the ice.

"I think it's starting, there's some chaos there, we've won a fight, Goldie climbs to the point and lets us break the punishment to kill," he said. – Move it fast.

Then Goldobin moved the pulley of Alex Edler, who quickly moved to the right man, Peterson, who then pushed the puck down to Bo Horvat, who ran off the goal line just before the goalie.

"Bo made a great game inside and I was able to bring him back home."

Maggie's Honor

A nice moment, as the kings took a little time to remember the memory of former judge Mick McGuay, who died this week.

"We were surprised"

Antoine Roussel's night ended with a bite on Friday night.

He summed up how frustrated the team is for the state of affairs after losing eight followers.

"We were surprised," he said.

At the end of the shark match, he was furious at Mark-Eduard Vlasic.

He said his hands were fastened, and his biteful reaction was the only way he thought he could protect himself when he said he felt Vlasic's hands on his throat. (Travis Greene also suggested that Russell's hair was pulled into the fray.)

"That's right," he said flatly. "I do not like to have a hand on my throat, your hands should not be there.

"It's a tough game."

He said he did not expect the League to reward him for the incident.

Quote of the Night

Roussell, how the team will win this victory on board.

– Just enjoy the moment. It was a couple of weeks.

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