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CFL scrambles to remain relevant, ignited the imagination of younger base fans

"Football is in decline and I could start with the Lions and CFL, just look at the people in the booths and they are 60 or older, they have given up … they are not related to youth."

– "Our balls are bigger"

Yes, the carefree days of playful and politically insensitive advertising campaigns that CFL began in the 1990s, attempted to overcome NFL football dominance.

This approach could be puzzled for those who bring watermelons for camouflage football matches, but that does nothing to believe in those desirable and unimaginable millennia that are much more likely to drop two flat water Japan – a dessert after the avocado toast, one supposes – rather than paying a lot of mood to football with three feet.

In this way CFL begins to rethink.

"Diversity is a force," suggests the league.

"Take it," says the League, bravely demonstrating its generous ability to be enticing and welcoming.

Heck, let's throw some Mexicans. Maybe not a refugee caravan, but what about a pair of Naukaalpan Raptors who joined the CFL to show how hip and modern league is really real?

CFL knows it is under a cloud – a gray and stronger cloud – on a demographic demographic basis. This in itself is not exactly the news. Neither the demand for the dollar and the interest of all mighty millennia.

The league has long recognized its problem and works more attractively for the younger sports fan.

"It will not be a surprise to anyone," says Derek Mager, Managing Partner of The Data Jungle Research and Consulting Group, who works with almost every CFL team. "You saw the CFL as a league that was trying to fight and trailer a few years ago and they are trying for a while.

"I think a few years ago, one of their lines was that" this is no longer your grandfather's league. "There is a push to try to load this funnel.

It's almost done annually, "writing" a passage for sports media on a Chicken Little Story stories, saying the end is close to the 60-year-old league, but it continues, although the pillar of its favorite base has grown with the Day.

The vitality of CFL can be divided into three categories: the three largest city centers, Saskatchewan and all others.

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are three of the team's biggest markets. They are also the cities with the lowest attendance.

Lions just arrested a seven-year annual decline in the BC. Place stadium tourniquets. In 2011, they have an average of 29,725 gaming fans. The following season, after winning the Gray Cup, they broke the mark of 30,000, and in the next two seasons about 28,000, before falling from a rock to 21,000. This year the average door was only 117 fans over 2017, but at least it was raise.

Montreal (17,332) and Toronto (14,211) were the only worse cities in Vancouver with regard to paid service, and Al actually planned to limit their seats by almost 15% to make the atmosphere more intimate.

The rest of the league remained stable – underlined by Hamilton and Ottawa, which sells over 94% of their stadium capacity – and an average of about 24,000 fans in the league.

Then there is the Saskatchewan fortress – which has an average of 32,057 fans this season – with a new mosaic stadium with a capacity of 96%.

"I do not think there is any surprise that we have fans who have been with us for a long time," said Terry Brecker, BK. Director of Lion Marketing. "And we love them, but we know that somewhere along the way, we lost a generation of fans – but I do not think this is isolated only for the BK Lions.

"This is something you see in the league, and we are still attracting a younger fan, and in the last few years we have put a lot of attention on the marketing of the children and have seen tremendous success and growth."

The league announced on Friday that TV ratings this season rose by 5%, on average by 730,000 due to CFL games. More importantly, they were 15% older than 18 to 49 years old.

This is happening during a survey last year by IMI International, an analytical firm that says there is a five per cent leap in the number of millennia – the 18-34 age group – identifying as CFL fans, the largest jump to any North American professional league.

And with another three years remaining on the TSN / RDS transmission with CFL, which for each season costs about 4 million dollars per team, covering the lion's share in $ 5.2 million. Salary still sunshine,

Dressed in a lobster suit, Dorothy McDonald of Port Dover, Ont., Originally from Nova Scotia, keeps the flags of the Maritime Länder as CFL reports that Halifax's HFF team will be called the "Atlantic Shunari" in Edmonton on Friday.

Down but not out

CFL had suffocated the Canadian soccer fan until 2010 when Drew Brace and the New Orleans Saints beat Peyton Manning and Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl XLIV. This was the first time the NFL championship had drawn the gray bowl, and the discrepancies became wider since then.

In Vancouver, the strength of NFL marketing has been boosted by the success of Seattle Seahawks. Over the last two decades, they have won eight of their 10 titles, winning Super Bowl, and only four times missed the playoffs.

"We probably sell 10 NFL jerseys for every CFL jersey," says Mike Jackson, Robson Sports manager. – CFL, they are fighting. They are not selling well. Over the last four, five years CFL has not received the support we would like.

As for football, BK Lions jerseys are down the list behind NFL Seattle, New England, Pittsburgh and Auckland – and, of course, Saskatchewan Roughriders, especially when the Green Machine is in town for a road game.

"Demographics are still older, but larger and younger audiences are NFL fans, unlike CFL fans," Mager said.

"What does the NFL do to attract a younger audience that CFL can not use? Canadian football and field talent, this is a great product." The three-down system, the size of the field, creates an incredibly exciting game.

"But the NFL is very unique, they are head and shoulders over any other league on this continent."

Starts young

Jo Glushka played football when the boys were men – a silky era when they could see they were bleeding, but they would never have seen you show weakness.

His team of high school, journalists from Notre Dame from 1968, headed to BK. The Hall of Fame this year as the first dynasty champion who saw the school make 18 provincial finals, winning 14 times, for 26 years.

"I've probably been a football player for a thousand years," laughed West Chancellor, who was president of the BK. Community Football Association over the past 15 years.

It will feel like a century for someone trying to stop the tide of dropping the enrollment numbers in the sport they are watching. And this hinders the problems of professional sports teams, with most of their supporters playing football as children.

"It's a totally different game in my mind, I'm going to oppose the dinosaurs, but I think it's changed for the better," said Gluška.

"Now it's about the athletic ability of the children they play against the military" I'm harder than you "from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Glushka has seen hundreds of children leave football every year during the last decade for various reasons. His answer was to change the game? football from nine to six is ​​already on the table, allowing smaller communities to participate in teams. Remove kickoffs for younger ages. Shorter playing time and playing multiple games against multiple teams in one day.

All this is designed to engage young athletes and take them out of the bench, play and play.

He also launched community-based football 10 years ago and watches him grow from 24 teams and 100 children altogether, to more than 215 squads and 2,500 children in the province's tournament.

"Football is in decline and I could begin with Lions and CFL, just look at the people in the stands and they are 60 years old and older They have given up … they are not related to the youngsters.

"It really has to be a lot more if you want to get that connection." Back then, when the football icon in British Columbia, Bobbie Ackles, he really got involved with the community.

"And as a result, the stands were full and there were many kids … and all these kids are now old and they are still there, missing the young band that comes in.

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosi, and Oscar Perez, LFA CEO, signed a letter of intent, while LFA Commissioner Alejandro Jaime watches after the League State press conference in Gray Cup's weekend in Edmonton on Friday.

Go down to go

CFL made its concept of 2.0 concept on Friday, with Commissioner Randy Ambrose making plans to join Mexico's professional soccer league.

The strategy is to make the CFL a global brand, play games there within a few years, and eventually use it as a destination for players who are not ready for a CFL list.

When they emerged a few months ago, the idea seemed stupid and reminiscent of the failed expansion in the US market. But Ambrose said he received unanimous support from the board, confirmed by BK. Lion President Rick LeLair.

"We first started talking about this a few months ago, and that's something I've grown on." I do not think anyone is sure where it's going to end but obviously worth investigating, "he said on Friday from Edmonton a few minutes before to address the governors' meeting.

"I think Randy had a vision of it, and the Board of Governors really supported it. As I said, we are not sure where it will take us, but if you do not try different things, you will never succeed with them.

The League is expanding in Atlantic Canada, where Shunnear can finally be resurrected, this time at Halifax. The proposed team already has more than 5,000 season tickets and works to secure funding for a new stadium. They can start playing in 2020, probably earlier in a temporary stadium.

Teams across the country are trying to replicate Ottawa Redbalx's success in attracting younger fans but no one has hit the key formula. They only know they want to improve the game to make it a more attractive and social event that affects the game itself.

At BK, the Lions have a Beach Party Zone, a total income of $ 20, aimed at the college crowd. There are DJ spinning tunes and beachwear. There are social media sites to share your photos of Jumbotron or Twitter feeds. Everything you can try to get the fans out of the couch, away from their cheap beer, comfortable sofa and a free bath at the stadium.

"This year we found some of the younger generation to see the price of a cheaper ticket in the end zone as a cover for a club," said LeLaur. "They are there to have fun, have fun, drink beer, meet people and watch football."

Think of it as a small version of the Gray Cup Festival that is doing well, thank you very much.

The Edmonton weekend is in the midst of the Sunday match between Calgary and Ottawa, with the capital of Alberta expected to receive almost $ 100 million in its economy by all fans and tourists.

"The Gray Cup is unique, even across the globe, and we are here as a league that has a national championship that ends at a festival where people from all over the country meet well in advance, bring their own color collectives and gather in a fun , a festive community environment for the love of the game … more than the rivalry between the two teams plays, "Mager said.

"I can not think of too many other global events that have this type of followers who have this type of annual pilgrimage to book a year in advance.

– Who cares who plays? I will go to Edmonton next year in November, I will sit outside in the cold cold of the national team stadium and enjoy the football game. "It's really cool if you think about it.

– This is the Canadian league. To sit out, it's minus-20 or whatever, with snowfall, it just seems so Canadian for us.

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