Tuesday , December 1 2020

"Child" Kaitlyn Bristowe was "angry", leading to Shawn Booth's proposal

Kaitlyn Bristowe may not have raised a fence and run away from producers like Bachelor Colton Underwood, but former Bachelorette may have thought about it.

In a live episode from Bristow From the vine podcast broadcast on Tuesday, she opened for her time in the show ABC dating Underwood and his girlfriend Cassie Randolph, for whom she completed the quest for love early in the season 2019. The bachelor, avoiding the traditional engagement in favor of the continuation so far.

"It's usually the format of the show to get involved, but let me tell you that I was so annoyed by my season," said Bristow of the couple during the episode. "I wanted to do what you did and be like," I screw it up, I know who I'm picking. "

He continued with his finalists, Ben Higgins, Nick Vial and Sean Booth, "In the season I was like," Can I just send the other home? "Oh, I think Ben [in the audience] … No offense, Ben!

After Bristowe eventually sent Higgins to the first of the last three, Viall and Booth dropped to one knee to offer it to the final. By accepting Booth's suggestion, they were engaged for more than three years before announcing that they had decided to go on separate roads in November 2018.

"After three incredible years, we decided to go in different ways. This difficult decision comes after a thoughtful, respectful consideration, "they said in a joint statement at the time." We both evolved as people who lead us in different directions but in the hope that we will continue to support each other in new ways . "

Not long after, Bristow began to see another member of the Bachelor's Nation, Jason Tartic of Beka Kufrin's Season. The virginThe two were seen as comfortable on the dates shortly after announcing that they were separated from Booth, and they were open to their feelings for each other as they continued to deepen their relationship.

"We did not go very long … but it was long enough to know how we feel," said Bristow earlier this month about their relationship. "[The moment] was romantic because it was raw and real. "

Photograph: Instagram / Shawn Booth

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