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Child Raider Michael Rafferty moved to medium security

Just weeks after Terry-Lynn McLucklinn was jailed after being transferred to a local medical hut, the victim's father learned that her husband, murderer Michael Rafferti, was transferred to jail with moderate security in March.

The rendezvous was revealed by Rodney Staffford, the father of the eight-year-old girl killed by Torrey Stadder, in a prolonged post on her Facebook page and later confirmed by CBC News.

"So far, it has become clear to me that Michael Rafferti, the man responsible for all actions on April 8, 2009, kidnapping, brutal rape, murder, and concealment of evidence, has been shifted from his maximum security site to media security in March," wrote Stafford .

He said he was not informed by the Canadian Service of Canada (CSC) about the transfer last spring. He also says he was not informed about the transfer during a recent meeting with Anne Kelly, commission commissioner.

"It was about three weeks ago … We had escaped from any question we had asked," Stafford told CBC's Power & Politics of Monday night.

"We had asked [Kelly] directly on her face, "was there any change in Michael Rafferty that I should know? … I have never received an answer – to this day, obviously."

Stafford said he only understood the change in Rafferty's status because he asked for information from the Canadian office. The Office returned to him, he said, and told him that "there really was not much work on Rafferti's case, would you like to send the information to you?"

– Oh yeah! – he said on Facebook. – I'm glad I did.

He told Stafford about Power and politics that he wants the federal government to immediately cancel the transfer.

"I'm looking for both to execute their sentences in maximum security where they belong, and to be labeled as dangerous offenders as they are," he said. "There is nothing wrong with that." "Correctional Services Canada is confused, bad and affects all Canadians – not just themselves.

"There is no reason for either of these two to sneak through the retribution system, and they are kid murderers.

Torrey Staord's killer's treatment became a political punch in September when Rodney Stafford revealed that McLuticin, serving a life sentence for the brutal rape and murder of his daughter, was transferred from the Women's Institute in Grand Valley near Kichain, Ont. The Oki Healing Lodge for Aboriginal Women of the First Nation Nekaneetat in Southern Saskatchewan.

The transfer led to several heat exchanges in the House of Commons. Public Security Minister Ralph Guwala ordered a review of the practice of transferring prisoners to treatment huts, which led to the return of McLennick to a traditional prison last month.

The news of Rafferti's transfer came just as the Monday in question ended; conservatives still manage to ask a question when the clock is running.

"Can the Minister tell us if this is true: Is Michael Rafferty behind bars where he belongs? Or is he in a mild healing hut somewhere in the woods?" Asked Conservative House leader Candes Bergen.

Conservative lawmaker Candice Bergen has questioned Canadian Public Safety and Emergency Secretary Ralph Gouale whether Tory Stafford's co-founder has been moved to jail mid-security weeks after child murderer Terry-Lynn McLucklinic was returned to prison after being transferred to prison a local healing hut. 01:10

Guanale said he "will study the facts of this case to make sure that all the right rules and procedures are in place, and the Canadians are safe."


According to a CSC letter sent to Stafford and seen by CBC News, in March, Rafferti was transferred from the Port Cartier Institute, a maximum security facility about 600 kilometers northeast of Quebec to La Macaza, 190 kilometers northwest of Montreal.

Goodale Press Secretary Scott Birdsley, in a CBC News statement, said the La Macaza institution was a "safe facility" specializing in the fight against sex criminals. He describes the perimeter prison guard as a guarded double fence with a height of 3.6 meters and "equipped with sophisticated security systems, both physical and electronic".

According to the CSC's letter, Rafferty was transferred to a period when Stafford's employees were inaccessible.

"This email includes information about the events that occurred between the moment when your notification status was suspended due to lost contact and when your notification status was reactivated, in particular between 28 November 2016 and 20 August 2018 " said.

"We need to do better"

In an interview recorded for CBC Power and politics on November 23, today, today, the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime has said that victims should be consulted before decisions are taken to transfer offenders to different education facilities.

"What we see as a problem is that there is no prior notice," said Heidi Illingworth.

"There is no signal in the system saying," Let's get to the victims, see what the fears are, to hear from them in this process. "All of this is done by closing officers behind closed doors.

Heidi Illingwara, a Federal Ombudsman for Crime Victims, tells Power & Politics that victims should be consulted before decisions are made to transfer offenders to different education facilities. 03:16

Illingworth started his role as Ombudsman in October just as the government began the prison review. She said she was glad that the problem had gained more attention from the McClintic case.

"This is a re-victimization from the system when they are not heard, they are not heard, they are not considered, so we have to do better," she said. "We can do better, and that's what I want to do in this office: continue to raise these concerns."

A CSC spokeswoman told CBC News that the agency can not comment on the specifics of Rafferty's case.

"We encourage victims to update contact information so we can keep in touch with them and maintain a permanent dialogue." We understand that there may be times when case management decisions are not in line with the views of victims, "he said. the statement by Esther Mailhot of CSC.

"We have to remember that a large percentage of the offenders will be released into the community, and decisions on violators are always done in the interests of public safety, using evidence-based approaches and professional experience."

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