Monday , August 2 2021

China has big plans for the moon. He wants to build a base. – Science

With China's Chang-e-4 and Yutu 2, which send us pictures on the far side of the moon, the world's most populous country is now trying to build a ground satellite base.

Giving 10 years, the Chinese National Space Administration (CSNA) will build a research station at the south pole of the Moon, according to the Xinhua State Agency.

Chinese ports Chang & e-4 and Yutu 2 send images from the far side of the moon.

CSNA chief Zhang Kedjan said the station's building materials will be sent in orbit through China's Long March-5B missile in mid-2020.

By the end of 2020, China intends to release its fourth lunar probe – Chang-e-5. And then, in 2022, his space station, Tiangong, will be released – or "Heavenly Palace".

Both missions are not a joint effort with the International Space Station (ISS), and China aims to replace the IAS with Tiangong when former retirees retire in 2024.

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The ISS is expected to retire in 2024

Currently, IAS is an effort to collaborate in space between the US, Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan.

In short: China means business when it comes to exploring the cosmos. The space race officially started, people!

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