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CIBC Trims Capstone Mining (CS) Target price up to $ 1.15

Captain Minging (TSE: CS) there was a reduction in target prices from CIBC analysts at $ 1.40 to $ 1.15. in a research note published on Thursday, November 1. The target price of CIBC indicates a potential invitation of 91.67% of the previous closing date.

Several other stock analysts have also recently released reports to the company. The National Bank cut Capstone's financial crisis from "overtaking" to "sectoral" and cut its target price for shares from $ 1.00 to $ 0.85 in a report Thursday, Oct. 11. Eight Capital reduced its target price for capstone mining from $ 1.50 to $ 1.35. in a report on Sunday, October 14th. Hewood Securities has raised Capstone's yield from "hold" to "buying" and cut its target price for shares from $ 1.20 to $ 0.70 in a report Wednesday, October 31st. TD Securities reduced its target price for capstone minus $ 1.70 to $ 1.60. and set a rating for "buying" shares in a report on Sunday, October 14th. Finally, Cormark cut its target price for capstone mining from $ 1.75 to $ 1.50. in a report Thursday, July 12. Two investment analysts rated the rated shares, and four of them gave the company a purchase rating. Shares have a "Buy" average rating and an average $ 1.44 price target.

TSE: CS remained flat at $ 0.60 on Thursday. The company's shares have a trading volume of 164,800 shares compared to an average of 445,693 shares. The company has a current ratio of 2.55, a fast 0.94 ratio and a debt / equity ratio of 26.02. Capstone Mining has a twelve-month low of C $ 0.48 and a 12-month high of C $ 1.62.

In other news, domestic company Gm Investments Ltd. has purchased 7,302,000 shares from the deal, which was made on Friday, November 9. Shares were purchased at an average price of $ 0.65 per share for a combined transaction of $ 4,746,300.00. Also, George Leslie Brack bought 200,000 stock shares in a deal on Friday, October 12th. Shares were purchased at an average price of $ 0.66 per share, totaling $ 132,000. Unions have acquired 7,702,000 shares of the company fund, estimated at $ 5,040,300 in the past 90 days.

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Capstone Mining Corp. is engaged in exploration and production of base metals in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The company explores copper, molybdenum, silver, zinc, lead and gold deposits. He holds interests in the Pinto Valley, an open mine located in Arizona, USA; underground, silver mine, located in the state of Zakatekas, Mexico; and Mint, discovered a copper mine located in Yukon, Canada.

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