Wednesday , January 20 2021

Citron Research provides Aphria Inc. (TSE: APHA) with the ideal diversion

Aphria Inc. (FRA: 10E) has received a surprising ally today as it seeks to move from the unfortunate accusations of the report.

At this point, it is hardly necessary to recall what these accusations are. The Hindenburg study on Monday is titled Shell game with a cannabis business on the side depicts everything readers need to know about the next "research" period. While the allegations initially hit like a thunder, the following statements by Overall capital management founder Gabriel Grego that the African fund is useless, and inconsistencies in several scientific details, greatly reduces confidence.

Enter Citron Research, which surprisingly seems to support Afrias' offer of total value. The Mexican-oriented market participant outlined its support this afternoon, characterizing APHA as "appealing to all indicators", while suggesting "shares to see $ 10." Perhaps the most promising for investors was the promise "" That implies additional support. It was an unexpected turn in the ongoing saga between Africa and Africa Hinderburg Research, whose communique struck this week as a hammer.

Almost instantly the twitter made algos temporarily raise APHA about nine percent.

Irrespective of the initial profits that have yet to be made, Citron Research's involvement potentially gives Africa much greater: someone to refute Hindenburg's allegations of theirs name. Not only that, but the other retailer who specializes in setting up his goal looks bad. This is a great opportunity to allow two cobras to hit each other with opposing views, and Africa is slowly releasing from the light of public attention. The old P.T. Barnum says that "there is no such thing as bad advertising" can be applied in the world of entertainment, but not in public finances.

We also recall that Citron has previously distributed three separate bears to the individual names of cannabis (Tilray, Namaste, Cronos), making optics support more attractive. Whatever comes, the pike is not broadcast by a famous team of cheerleaders or paid studies.

By entering Citron Research, Aphria has an additional bull to invoke her message of innocence. Chief Executive Officer Vick Neufeld has already vowed to refute accusations in order that will be delivered next Wednesday. In connection with Andrew Left's accessories, this should help to drown Hindenburg's story about greasy domestic transactions, LATAM's pointless assets, and company misappropriation.

In the light of Altria GroupThe $ 2.4 billion investment, Cronos Group Inc., the reputation among Canadian LPs definitely matters. Given the high bets of billions of dollars of multinational money for the CPG entering the cosmos, Aphria will protect its reputation at all costs. Fortunately, she will get extra help in this regard.

Latest thoughts

After all, the potential deviation of Afriy is probably the scenario that everyone is thirsty. Africa, obviously, wants to focus on returning to business; regulators probably have nothing to do with the scenario where frauds are unchecked and secured players are many; Hindenburg has already made his money and has probably turned his attention to other victims. If Africa can tighten governance by initiating internal shaking and improving best practices, maybe everyone can get their handsome way.

While it can not stop court cases against shareholders, they can take years to play. Up to now, assuming court trials are even worthwhile – Africa's "hockey stick" revenue / profitability curve can cure many evils. Meanwhile, the basic order of business, as I would have imagined, is to hold regulators and boost investor confidence to previous crisis thresholds.

Surprisingly, Citron Research may be just the suit to help Afriy get out of the broken water.

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