Veteran's guard George Hill just came out of one of the worst teams in the NBA to one of the NBA title contenders.

Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to sell 32-year-old Hill and Sam Dekker to Milwaukee Bucks in return for Matthew Delavedova, John Hanson, the first round of the track in 2021 and the second round of the track in 2021, according to ESPN Adrian Vojnarovski,

Hill, which currently averages 10.8 points in play, is now joining a 16-7 Milwaukee Bucks team, which currently sits second in the Eastern Conference, unlike the bad Cleveland Cavaliers who are in full tank at 5-19.

The Bucks will host the champion Golden State Warriors champion tonight in a national ESPN broadcast TV game at 9:30 am ET. The team will travel north of the border to take over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday before returning home on Monday night to host the Cavs.