Friday , January 22 2021

Cockney closes, McDavid becomes the winner as Oilers blank Flames

Edmonton – Miko Koskinen made 24 savings to record his third stop of the season when Edmonton Oilers won a battle between two hot teams, defeating Calgary Flames 1-0 on Sunday.

Connor McDavid scored the single goal of the Oilers match (16-12-2), which won three consecutive wins and had 6-1-0 in their last seven games.

The Flames (19-10-2) had a winning series of five games but 9-2-1 in their last 12 runs.

David Rittich made 29 savings in Calgary.

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Edmonton scored 12 minutes early in the match with a good pass from the top line, which ended when Alex Cheeson caught him on McDavid's side of the net, and the captain of Euler sent his 16th season after Flames goalkeeper David Richch.

The Oliers came out of the entrance to the second flight, but Richic made enormous rescue savings to Ryan Nogent-Hopkins and Leon Driesattl.

Calgary seemed to tie him in the middle, but Anthony Pelusso, who was withdrawn earlier in the day by Stockton Heat in the US hockey league, was scored by Koskinen's goalkeeper after the video.

McDavid came close to adding one more to the power of the team for the remaining four minutes in the third but firing the crossbar shot.

Calgary poured the tension at the end, but Edmonton managed to hold on.

Oilers began a two-day trip to Colorado on Tuesday. The flames make a one-way trip back home to play in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

Notes: This was the second of four matches between rivals from Alberta and Calgary scored three goals for a third period in a 4-2 victory on November 17. "The flames were without two key players, as Mikael Beklund had a concussion, while defender Marc Jordano was part of a two-game match for concealing Myconos Covio in Minnesota.

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