Monday , January 25 2021

Conservatives blame "unjustified allegations" on the UPR's commissioner for hiring "Tavern"

The Ford government searched BPU Bureau of Terrorism, Brad Blair, for complaining to the Ontario Ombudsman about the controversial hiring of Ron Taverner as the head of the force.

Community Security Secretary Silvia Jones said the conservatives are sticking to the Tavern, the Toronto supervisor and Ford Pal.

"We will not comment on Mr. Blair's motivation to use the Office he wants to raise these questions, and we will examine the proper place to review the contents of a letter that we completely and completely dispute," Jones said on Wednesday.

"The government is behind the process leading to the appointment of Mr Taverner as a next member of the UPS Commission Mr. Tavern has more than 50 years of exemplary police service.This is unfortunate that this service is unfairly denied by unjustified allegations of the appointment process "said the minister.

"We will comply with any decision taken by the Ombudsman to investigate this matter and co-operate with such a review."

He filed a complaint late Tuesday, demanding Ontario's Ombudsman, Paul Dude, to investigate the hiring of his successor.

He comes as a 72-year-old tavern, a close-end franchise, who has to swear at the head of Canada's second-largest police force after the RCMP.

The 51-year-old Toronto police chief was a surprising choice for the UPS leadership.

Blair wants the Taverner installation to be delayed until the assignment is reviewed.

The 32-year-old veteran of the UPR and the only deputy commissioner who is applying for the lead work are making serious accusations against Ford's chief of staff, Dean French.

He argues that the French have asked the UPS to buy a "big truck-type vehicle" to be modified according to certain specifications and the request to be "deviated from the books."

Blair's letter says that the appointment of Tavern raises a "legitimate question of whether the UPR's compromise has been compromised and whether society can trust and respect the UPR in the future."

His lawyer, Julian Sokoner, said Blair had come up with an explosive grievance, "in ever greater contradiction."

Falconer said the officer spoke of the belief that OPP was "an organization whose reliability was worth protecting."

Blair is aware of his decision to question the process of hiring his successor, which means he will "not be subject to careful scrutiny," said the attorney.

The Interim Commissioner was appointed to his post by the Progressive Conservative Government through a October order in the council.

He also applies for the Chief Commissioner. In the letter, he stated that he had been considered by the members of the UPR as a "candidate for the front-runner".

His letter states that the decision to appoint Tavern as commissioner was taken before a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, which allegedly took place; that the posting was "changed without a convincing justification" and that the appointed panel had "questionable authority", and the members of the interviewing team had changed at the last minute.

The letter also states that Ford's chief of staff specifically requested the UPS to buy a "big car-type car and change it according to the specifications the Premier's office will provide." According to the letter, there was a demand that these costs be "kept by the books."

Such a request, which calls for "funds spent to be hidden from public registers," is the least violation of the Ontario government's financial policy, the letter said.

Blair's concern comes after another former UPS commissioner, Chris Lewis, voiced concerns about the appointment of Tavern, saying to CP24 that "the datasheet is in."

His complaint is not the first formal care to be raised to hire the Tavern. At the office of Queen's Park, Ontario's Office of Integrity Commissioner David Wake said an official request was made to investigate the appointment of the Tavern.

"I can confirm that MPP Kevin Yarde has made a request … and has been reviewed by this office, and the office will have no further comments on the matter," said Wake Michelle Renaud, referring to the letter of Brampton Nord NDP MPP in the office.

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