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Cool Technology at UBCO – Kelowna News

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Forget the smart clock. Take a smart shirt.

Researchers at the UBC Okanagan Engineering School have developed an inexpensive sensor that can be interwoven into textiles and composites. While the research is still new, the sensor can pave the way for intelligent clothes that can observe the human movement.

The built-in microscopic sensor can recognize the movement by stretching the tissue strands that are treated with graphene nanoparticles that can read the body's activity, Prof. Mina Hornfar explains.

"Microscopic sensors change the way we see machines and people," said Hawfer, a leading researcher at Advanced Thermo-Fluidic Lab at UBC's Okanagan campus. "By combining technology shrinking and improved accuracy, the future is very bright in this area."

This "shrinkage technology" uses a phenomenon called piezo-resistivity, an electromechanical response to material when it is under voltage. These miniature sensors have shown a great promise in detecting human movements and can be used to monitor heart rate or temperature control.

The idea of ​​clothing that can tell the user when to hydrate or rest can change the athletics industry.

Low-tension, stretchable sensors can also detect deformations of inaccessible places in composite laminates, says Professor Abbas Milani, director of UBC Mathematical and Production Research Institute.

With some improvement it can be used in the aviation and automotive industry.

"The integration of sensor technology … is becoming a truly changing game in the era of intelligent manufacturing and the current trends in the automated industry," said Milani.


KKK Keluna launched a full-scale search for the waters and the shores of Lake Okaganagan to find the missing adult man.

On May 17, 2019, at 3:35 am, KCW Kelowna received a report on a delayed kayak, last seen in the waters of Lake Okaanagan.

71-year-old Zygmunt Yanevich of Kelowna failed to return to schedule after entering the water at about 2:30 pm, From the shore in the 3000-block on Abbott Street.

"Missing personal surfboats and personal flotation devices similar to those used by Janevic were found along the shore near Watford," said Cpl. Jesse O'Donagi.

"Searchers search the coastline because the RCMP has called for support from the firefighting brigade in the Kelowna and Central Okaanagan Firefighters, which have since launched their helicopter to seek out of the sky above."

RCMP from the Western Channel also launched their ship in search assistance.

According to reports, Yanevic was last seen with black trousers, a yellow jacket and a white hat.

Anyone with any information should immediately contact Kelowna's RCQ at 250-762-3300.

Now that Dropbike no longer works in Kelowna, last summer's users may be wondering how to get their money back from the bicycle sharing company.

"As a mission-oriented organization, with the well-being of all our users and riders at the heart of everything we do, every consumer has the right to receive their deposits at any time," said Dropbike co-founder Aphrey Gil. Email. "As we left the market, Kelowna's riders could demand a refund of the remaining balance of their wallet."

Everything the user needs to do to return their deposit is to deactivate their account. Their deposit will be automatically restored to the saved card. As far as receiving the remaining balance sheets of the portfolio, users will need to send an email to [email protected]

"We maintain all communication lines open to all our users and also actively tell all contestants that our program at Kelowna is over," said Gil. "In fact, every rider in Kelowna, when the Drop Mobility application is opened, will see a clear banner stating that Drop Mobility is already closed in Kelowna."


A new small business owner in Kelowna woke up in a terrible Friday surprise birthday.

After a year of planning and lending, Kitty Bent opened the Santa Crow Tattoo Studio more than a week ago in her upgraded garage and her fiancé's home on Lindall Street.

On Friday morning, Bent's 23rd birthday, the couple woke up to discover that the new studio was broken.

Liam Park, Bent's fiance, first received a notification from his security camera. He ran to the studio to find a cake footprint on the door of the studio where he was open. The studio was searched.

– Many tattoos, equipment, needles, ink, a lot of ink. Twenty dollars per bottle and 20 or 30 bottles are taken, Park said, listing what appears to be stolen. "Some arts, some that we've done, like some cool, custom pieces."

According to him, the value of all positions is between $ 6,000 and $ 10,000.

"She's been tattooed for three years and finally managed to get a loan and enough stuff to open a store-and that's what happened," Park said.

"We took a lot of loans to open this place and we already owe a lot of money, and now we have no money to make money."

Park said they have not yet purchased insurance for the new equipment, so they will have to pay the losses out of their pockets. They have created a GoFundMe account for anyone who can help them stand up.

The police are polluting the fingerprint studio, and the pair's security cameras have captured fragments of the thief in action.

With a long weekend, there's a lot to be done here in Okanagan.

While it is still unclear whether Mother Nature will co-operate fully this weekend, many of the weekend events will take place under the spring sun.

From Friday, the three-day May Day of Rutland begins with carnival walks, games and many pubs. This is the 60th year of the spring celebration that will take Rutland's Central Park.

Also in Kelowna, climbing Knox Mountain Hill begins on Saturday, featuring more than 60 racing cars speeding up the mountain. The race, which is now at 62, is the only one in Canada.

To the south, the world of Peachland wheels will close Peachland's main stream as over 550 cars, trucks, motorcycles and antique boats will be exposed.

The show lasts from 11 to 16 hours. on Sundays, with vehicles on both sides of Beach Avenue.

In the northern part of Okaanagan, Falkland celebrates its 101st panic escape, featuring the famous rodeo from Saturday to Monday, along with music, dances and drinks.

For something a little different, B. The Armstrong Championship is being held in Sunday's Sunday. This is the 43rd year of the country's race, and this year will be held at Royal Anne Hotel in Kelowna.

At Salmon Arm, the Okanagan Zone drama festival takes place at the Shuswap Theater where group theater groups from Princeton to Salmon Arm will showcase their stuff.

Further to the south, the Penticton Meadowlark nature festival is held until Monday, including 77 tours and activities in the city including hiking, cycling, canoeing, bird watching, art walks, movie screenings, writing, photography seminars and more.

The forecast for Okaganagan calls for temperatures in high teens to low 20s over the weekend, with a chance of rain from Saturday to Monday.

Same press release, different date.

This basically sums up what the Downey Kelowna Association had to say on Friday morning by sending a new press release expressing disappointment with the decision of the city and the province to keep the prison for a milestone for an indefinite period.

This is the third extension of the 80 homeless shelter in the last 14 months.

"DKA is again disappointed with the announcement by Ji Housing that Cornerstone will continue to operate on Leon Avenue Boulevard.

"DKA continues to believe that a great homeless homeless, such as Cornwallstone, should not be in the center of downtown Kelowna, next to many other social services on Leon Avenue."

For more information on this story, visit Okanagan Edge.

Cornwall's shelter in the center of Kelowna, which some companies say is a curse of their existence, will not end after all.

The province and the town of Kelowna announced on Friday in their press release that the shelter would remain open to "finding another place or finding and accommodating people."

Representatives of the LC Residential and City Administration say they continue to work together to build homes for homeless people and those at risk and the province will allocate $ 2.4 million, so the 80-bed shelter will remain open.

"We understand and share the feeling of dissatisfaction with the community around the Cornerstone port, but if we close it now, it will create a greater risk of impact on the Cornerstone community and people," said Lance Kayfish, City Safety Officer in the community. "People are not only sheltered, but the shelter support also saves lives."

Over the past six months, the province has opened favorable residential buildings on Highway 97 and Commercial Avenue and two more are on the roads of Agassis and Mackintosh.

"At that time, however, Cornerstone should remain in operation as long as residents fail to move to an alternative place or a home," Kaifish said. "We recognize that this is not ideal, but as a community we must provide services to our most vulnerable, while balancing community safety. We have plans to mitigate the impact as much as possible. "

Cornerstone, on Leon Avenue in the former A & B Sound building, opened in November 2017. This is the third extension that the facility received, the rest coming in March and March 2018.

UPDATE: 10:45

Two people believed to be responsible for several interruptions and entering Big White earlier this week were arrested on Friday morning after being spotted on the 33th highway to Kelowna.

At least five free units in Big Raven's Raven's Crest building were intercepted earlier this week, and thousands of dollars of electronics, appliances and ski equipment were stolen.

On Thursday afternoon, the owner of one of the searched units arrived at Big White to assess the damage when he noticed one of her stolen mirrors at the back of the pickup truck, just down the road from where the theft occurred. She called the police and several residents worked together to hit a truck.

While the two people believed to be responsible for the robbery escaped from the crime scene, they were spotted early on Friday morning, walking on Highway 33 near Mission Creek.

The pair's photos were posted on a large Facebook Facebook page, where residents shared theft information. The couple seemed wet and the band members assumed that the couple had walked from Big White at night.

Corporal. Jesse O'Donagi from Kelowna's KCM confirms that a 32-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman have been found on 33 highway on Friday morning and were arrested without incidents. The man has already been searched by the police for unrelated orders.

The couple is now facing potential accusations and Cpl. O'Donagi says anyone who has theft information can call the RCMP at 250-762-3300.

As one White White resident said: "In the end, do not mess with the big white community."

ORIGINAL: 5:00 am

The rapture of Big White breakthroughs this week has residents and property owners.

Earlier this week, several free units in Raven's Crest building were broken and thousands of dollars of electronics, appliances and ski equipment were stolen.

Lee Keenan and his girlfriend live in one of the robberies in the winter months.

On Thursday, Keenan's girlfriend and their owner climbed the hill to assess the damage. Upon arrival, the landlord noticed that her stolen mirror was sitting at the back of a pickup truck outside the nearby house.

"Call 911 and call Paladin (guard) and include the whole community," Keenan said. "They blocked the street, but (the suspects) apparently knew something had happened, so one person was arrested, and the other two, the two main ones, had detained him."

He says the police know the identity of the two who escaped, but on Thursday night he does not believe they were caught. While the RCMP file was open for theft, the police did not provide a comment on the case at the time of publication.

Several TVs, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and other electronics were stolen, and the thieves even tried to steal an oven.

Keenan and his girlfriend had stolen a bunch of valuable equipment, but the worst loss was sentimental.

"One of the glasses belongs to my father who, unfortunately, died a few years ago," Keenan said.

He said he only heard of crashes in the Raven Equestrian building, but there may be others that have not yet been discovered.

Surveillance shots of a man suspiciously looking through the front windows of other Big White buildings were posted on the Big White community's Facebook page.

Organized through the online group, the Big White residents work together to keep track of the thieves.

Madison Erhard

Every 60 minutes someone dies from skin cancer in Canada.

Dr. Ben Wiese, from Kelowna, hopes he can change these statistics.

Wiese owns and practices in a specialized clinic dedicated to skin health and sun safety.

With the first long weekend of the tourist season and many others outdoors, Wiese has some simple tips and tricks to protect you from the sun.

"The focus is really to make sure you get to know your skin, especially with more sun exposure," he says.

"The easiest way to protect your skin is to wear protective clothing such as hats, sunglasses and then cover up. Whatever is not covered, this is where a person would use some form of protection like a sunscreen.

Melanoma is 90% preventable. However, if you have been exposed to rain until the age of 30, the risk of contracting skin cancer increases by an incredible 75%.

"The scary thing about skin cancer is that most patients would say," It's just skin cancer. " Above all, it's a disfigurement, and it can kill you, "Vise added.

For more information on skin cancer, click here.

After two years of inactivity due to floods, the children's water park in Kelowna City Park will open again this weekend.

The planned opening is Saturday at 8:00.

The water park worked in the summer of 2016. The severe floods in the spring of 2017 have damaged both the infrastructure and the water supply system.

The damage to the water park was closed in 2017 and 2018.

The work on the renovation and renovation of the park began in March this year, including a new water supply and delivery system.

New features for water games were also installed. The new design features a theme of nature, including large misty grasses, towering ladybugs, spreading wild creatures, and spray cans, dressed as wildflowers.

The upgrades cost $ 410,000, covered by insurance.

The water park will be open from 8:00 to 20:00. during the summer.

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