Sunday , January 17 2021

Crazy Rich South Asia prepares for a $ 100 million wedding

India is preparing for what might be one of the most magnificent weddings in the world, a spectacle that can even put fictional marriages Crazy rich Asians to shame.

On Wednesday, the richest tycoon, the oil telecom mogul Mukesh Ambani, plans to surrender his daughter Isha to the son of billionaire Ajay Piramal, Anand. There was a wide range of figures on how much the weekly extravagance would cost. People familiar with planning estimate the cost of about $ 100 million (US), while family members have said that the sum is no more than $ 15 million. People asked not to be identified, talking on a personal question.

The invited guests at the weddings in the central Indian city of Lake Udaipur are from international and local celebrities like Beyonce and Shah Ruh Khan to politicians like Hillary Clinton and business moguls, including Henry Kravis, according to familiar people. The guest list is so long that ambana and the pyramids took at least five five-star hotels nearby, and a military logistics room was set up in Mumbai, they said. According to local media reports, more than 100 charter flights will fly to and from Madara Pratap Airport in Udaipur.

As a gratitude to the city of Udaipur, the ambaddies provided enough food to feed 5,100 people three times a day for four days and set up a bazaar to display 108 traditional Indian paintings, ceramics and other art by local artisans, a family representative.

The main ceremony will be held at the Patriarch's home, the 27-storey Antillean palace in Mumbai, and post-wedding events will take place in the city.

For the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., who overtook Jack Ma this year as the richest man in Asia, Isha will be the first of her children to marry. After the celebrations, the newlyweds are ready to move to their diamond mansion in Mumbai's Gulliat building worth $ 64 million, according to one of the people.

A spokesman for "Pyramal Enterprises" Ltd refused to comment.

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